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Monday, October 12, 2009

more MIMI Totes Available in

When first started selling the MIMI Totes, my scrapbooking girlfriends dissuaded me from hoarding a design or two for myself. OK. Honestly 3 designs. Reasons being: "...but Val, you do not go for any scrap parties." ... err... which is not entirely accurate but yes, I hardly have the time to do so.
So, by the time the 2nd shipment came in, I totally ignored the protests and facts above and got myself 2 designs. That decision was probably one of the best I have made to date! It comes with me whenever it's time to visit the in-laws, although a BIG negotiation takes place at least 48 hours before departure with my husband for space allocation in the boot. See, with mr. B's handicapped wheelies, half the boot is gone. Add in the kids clothes, pampers, sterilizer, et cetera ... yes, mr hubby, I understand where you are coming from, but I gotta have my MIMI!
See, the MIMI is my portable scrapbook room.
And the only time I have to scrapbook is at the in-laws simply because I have no internet access to list things, blog ... do anything that is related to
The MIMI is in fact a very cost efficient 'room'. It is my 'roving scrapbook room'! so seriously, back off... I just must have it. One. Two. Or even Three designs.

Oh and did I tell you that these cruel, naughty manufacturers have come up with more and more swanky, funky, cool designs? Sigh! I am a goner. Yup. Still tempted to add on my personal collection although has shipped in a few rounds of MIMI Totes by now.
Join the club of trotting or pulling your own MIMI Totes today by checking out our collection of MIMI Totes in Click HERE now... and you'd never regret your decision.

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