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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens in Scrap-n-Crop.com

Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens give outstanding results and feature professional-quality, self- wicking brushes, and acid-free, blendable, permanent ink. 
Package contains 12 watercolour brushes and one empty blending brush in a reusable vinyl case

Ink is permanent, blendable, and acid-free
Great for watercolor painting, card making, scrapbooking, and more
Brush pens feature professional-quality, self-wicking brushes
Conforms to ASTM D-4236

LIMITED QUANTITIES available in Scrap-n-Crop.com
{ thanks to those of us who are itching to get the perfect calligraphy at the moment - me included! }

Click HERE to buy  Bienfang Watercolor Brush Pens now … before it's gone.

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Pink Paislee Color Wash Collection (selected items) in Scrap-n-Crop.com

The water color effect is now such a rave in the scrapbooking world.
Good news is with Pink Paislee's Color Wash Collection, that's exactly what you get - pastel color washes that looks like you've done a fabulous job with water color!


Now available in Scrap-n-Crop.com, you can view samples of the collection below before clicking HERE to start buying.

PP01030_ColorWash_Bright copy
Bright (DIE CUT) Paper
PP01031_ColorWash_Brilliant copy
Brilliant (DIE CUT) Paper
PP01032_ColorWash_Shine copy
Shine Paper
PP01033_ColorWash_Colorful copy
Colorful Paper
PP01034_ColorWash_Spectrum copy
Spectrum Paper
PP01115_ColorWash_12x12PaperPad copy
12 x 12 Paper Pad – Single Sided Designs. *Now with 48 Sheets instead of 24*  (2 each of 24 designs)
6 x 6 Paper Pad: *Now with 36 Sheets instead of 24* (2 each of 18 designs)
Basic CMYK
12″ Vellum Borders


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

COMING SOON!!! Ranger New Color Distress Inks, Paints, Markers and Stains in Scrap-n-Crop.com

who can resist Ranger's Distress Products?!?

I am absolutely hopeless on this front, not to mention how awestruck and star struck I was went I met Tim Holtz at CHA last year*... my smart alec tongue was suddenly a piece of lead in my mouth ... and now this cute display 

(ignoring the fact that Scrap-n-Crop.com is an online store and our Scrap.Abode (warehouse) is cramped to the brink despite our efforts in discounting and clearing stuff out all year round!)

Factor in the fact that we will be left in suspense on what the rest of the 11 colours for 2015 will be ... they weren't kidding when they said:
It's a Whole New Way to Distress! New Color Distress Inks, Paints, Markers and Stains!

This means Val is in trouble! Order frequency will go up!
In the meantime, we can look forward to the arrivals of cracked pistachio line of Distress product covering Distress Ink Pad and Distress Ink Reinkers, Distress Paint, Distress Stain, Distress Spray Stain and Distress Markers in the lovely POP Display ... in Scrap-n-Crop.com (orders placed!)

To take the It's a Whole New Way to Distress! New Color Distress Inks, Paints, Markers and Stains! a step further, mini distress ink pads are now available in open stock - what this means is you no longer have to buy them in a set, but can pick and choose the colors you truly want!

Whilst waiting for the new CHA arrivals and wondering what February, March, April ... November and December 2015 colours will be, why not hop to Scrap-n-Crop.com's website today to checkout the countless of colour choices currently available for the entire Ranger Distress product range.

Note, Scrap-n-Crop.com carries or orders EVERY SINGLE COLOUR; so if it's not available in-store, we apologise as we have ran out of stock.

Check out Tim Holtz VIDEOS for Tip and Techniques of using Distress product range HERE ... such as the Distress Markers  basic below

* like Scrap-n-Crop.com on Facebook to view our CHA photos, get first hand and often ad hoc notification of discounts or offers exclusively on Facebook only, and enjoy ideas or finish products by our DTs and supporters.

NEW ARRIVALS!!! We Are Memory Keepers Crafter's Bags in Scrap-n-Crop.com

Now, which gal out there can admit that she doesn't care for handbags? 
or any bags for that matter? 
Check out We Are Memory Keepers Crafter's bags now available in Scrap-n-Crop.com; from the adorable Charcoal Tote Bag to the ultimate We R Memory Keepers 360 Crafters Rolling Bag and of course not forgetting the versatile and practical Shoulder Bag.

 We R Memory Keepers Charcoal Tote Bag

We R Memory Keepers Shoulder Bag

We R Memory Keepers 360 Crafters Rolling Bag

View the YouTube video to see why We R Memory Keepers 360 Crafters Rolling Bag is the ultimate! And yes, with Valentine's Day around the corner, be sure to drop more direct hints to your other half!

Scrap-n-Crop.com does Gift Vouchers and special deliveries for special occassions.

Looking for other scrapbooking bag designs and storage items?
Click HERE to get yourself directly to that section on Scrap-n-Crop.com's online store.

Remember, there is more reason to shop in Scrap-n-Crop.com this 2015:
Firstly, everyone gets a gift! {check the blog entry here to learn more}
Secondly, get points shopping to rebate on following purchases or classes ... {check out the discount point system here}

Monday, January 26, 2015

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Teresa Collins Studio Gold in Scrap-n-Crop.com

Teresa Collins Studio Gold isn’t exactly a new release. She actually launched these products back in May at the National Stationary Show, but it’s really the first time we’ve been able to share the full line with you... and THEY. ARE. GORGEOUS!!!
The line includes six albums and two Albums Made Easy Kits.
With all the GOLD and metallic craze going on ... these are bound to fly off our shelves in Scrap-n-Crop.com. So, to avoid disappointment, as most of our supporters (us included) would say "BUY FIRST, THINK LATER"
Click HERE to secure Teresa Collins Studio Gold Album Made Easy ... or search "Studio Gold" in Scrap-n-Crop.com online shopping website to view the entire range.
If you are a fan of Teresa Collins, click HERE for all of Teresa Collins products available in Scrap-n-Crop.com - that's more than 200 Teresa Collins products to date ... and growing!!! 

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Project Life Themed Cards in Scrap-n-Crop.com - Becky's Quotes, Perfectly Imperfect and Hashtag

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Becky has long inspired people to “Cultivate a Good Life and Record It” and this set of Themed Cards is filled with quotes and ideas on how you or others can do just that. 

Each card is designed with the same quote on the front and back - in both horizontal and vertical orientation - so it will fit perfectly in whatever Photo Pocket Page or project you might want to include it. 

Set includes a total of 40 double-sided cards - 
(32) 3” x 4” cards
(8) 4” x 6” cards

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

While we’d love for every day to be the “best day ever,” we know that sometimes things are less than perfect. 

This set of Themed Cards will help you tell the story of those bummer days and add a touch of humor to your pages. 

Set includes a total of 40 double-sided cards
(4) 4” x 6” Title Cards
(4) 4” x 6” Journaling/Filler Cards
(32) 3” x 4” Journaling/Filler Cards - 2 each of 16 designs

Click HERE to buy Perfectly Imperfect Project Life Themed cards

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Social media has brought about a whole new way of communicating and using hashtags is one of our favorites! 

This fun + trendy set of Themed Cards is a great way to sum up your mood, your experience, or the things you love. Each card is designed with the same artwork on the front and back - in both horizontal and vertical orientation - so it will fit perfectly in whatever Photo Pocket Page or project you might want to include it. 

Set includes a total of 40 double-sided cards 
(32) 3” x 4” cards 
8) 4” x 6” cards

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