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Saturday, October 31, 2009

cobweb surprise CLEARANCE SALE cart status update


whokay ... the shopping cart status {in sequence they came in from 3:10p.m. to 3:41p.m.} are as follows:
  1. Wendy O.
  2. Carol C.
  3. Annette
  4. Mariam
  5. Jayanthri
  6. Anna L.
  7. Mary F.
  8. Lilian
  9. Rachel C.
  10. Michelle T.
  11. Judy
  12. Krystal
  13. Farah
  14. Ping2
  15. Cat
  16. Nora
  17. Siew Bee
  18. Yin Tze
  19. Jess
  20. Li May
  21. Premila
  22. Lucy
  23. Yeong Shong
  24. J Lo
  25. Nurdiyana
  26. Jo T
  27. bambino
  28. Teng2
  29. J
  30. Ida
  31. ditzygirl
  32. Tiffanee
  33. Anoushka
  34. Yatie
  35. Junaidah
  36. Milla
  37. Foong Meng
  38. Sue Ling
  39. Ella
  40. Carol L.
  41. Liya
  42. Sharifah
  43. Katie
  44. Donna T. 
  45. Shazleena
  46. Azizah
  47. Jacqueline P.
  48. Dhiyah
  49. Paulette
  50. Massitah
  51. Priya
  52. Jazz C.
  53. Dilla
  54. Michelle C.
  55. Suzie B
  56. Amy Lu
  57. Shafara
  58. Oi Ling
  59. ezmee
  60. Sharon
  61. Anne T.
  62. Su Lee
    63. Michelle W. {just made it by a split second}
    Congrats ladies! your shopping cart will be slash by 31% ... please wait to be invoiced. And remember that payment must be made within 12 hours of being invoiced to enjoy your discounts.

    Thanks ladies ... please hang on tight while we invoice you.
    Hugs and cheers,


    ms. diya said...

    waaaa~ I saw DHIYAH! but my name is DHIYA, without the H. hopefully it's me laa.. LOL!

    Pray hard. Already submit for 23.9%. Just in case i didn't get through the 31% sale. :D

    bee said...

    ahahaha this is like waiting for the lotto. goodness me! what a sale what a sale.

    all the best to u Val sorting the invoice and all.


    ditzygirl said...

    ohhhh... yes! yes! yes!
    Thank you!!!

    siewbee said...

    Thank you!
    Well, now I guess we sit tight and wait to see who gets what hot item. Now I can bring my kids out. I told them mommy cannot go out for lunch today. lol

    Wishful Thinking said...

    Look that that ... 63 in 31 minutes!!! Amazing
    Thanks so much :-)

    shafara said...

    There goes my budget! I actually thought I was early but look I am number 57!!!

    Val, sorry I submitted a few times. Kiasu.

    amyloliquefaqueinz said...

    I had the worst of luck. I was waiting for the clock to read 3:10PM but the power went out at 3:09PM! Gosh. And I was ready to checkout too that time. There's still the 23.9% though. Good thing the power came back before it all end.

    Thank you SnC!

    SCRAP-n-CROP said... was a tremendous success....definitely a birthday I'll you for making it all so fun. At the moment, we have only checked the first few....more to come the following days. Thank you again! Luv Val

    MissFerrariQueen said...

    yeehhaaa!!! i am in! so happy cant wait! :)

    MissFerrariQueen said...

    yeehhaa! i made it! i am totally in! it was a crazy fun day i would say.. lolz..! cool sales val! :)

    Lilian said...

    Dear Val,
    I think we are all crazy and I didn't know that we can buy more than once aiyah...wanted to add on more after I sent in my time I will buy more ....this is so fun and crazy ok... crazy fun but fun hehe..
    psss...don't tell my Jasmine...she is the one who is holding me back...She said"Mummy, don't go crazy...!'
    p/s anymore? Val??

    nasuha ahmad helmi said...

    hi,yesterday i made an order also,but my name is not in the list.i received the order received email at 3.28pm.

    Penelope Gan said...

    Don't worry Nasuha - Val, I am sure will check it out for you. Relax ok? See, I missed out #63, and she promptly alerted me to add yesterday eventhough the blog was published.

    Lilian ahhh... you very bad example for Jasmine lei. :)

    Hey, we've been missing your presence in our Crop.Arty. Come lah some time.

    SCRAP-n-CROP said...

    Nasuha, your order came in @ 3.24pm and you are entitled to the 31% discount. Unfortunately only 1 items was eligible, the other is a new arrival which is entitled only for 10%. Hence the total amount. Please email me at if you are sitll in doubt! thanks. Val

    Lilian said...

    Dear Penny,
    Yeah, I miss all the recent crop party and I wish I am staying in Kl....sigh...will want to stay next to the ABOde...not next to you ok...
    When is your next party?

    I think your sis is bad example to me... reminds me of the Confession of the Shopaholic..hope I spelt that correctly..brain too stressed today...was the cashier and receptionist for the day..wonder how my girl coped..must give her a raise!!

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