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Monday, November 17, 2008

community Project: honouring WOMEN: Maria Hammon @ ETSY

and I stumbled upon M-A-G-I-C
(not Maria, me. I stumbled upon magic... and Maria's art photography is just magical.)

" Love to create art, scrapbook, hide behind the camera, read, spend time with my family, walk our dogs and blog! "

If I had to describe myself, I would say that my life revolves around living every day to its fullest; believing in God, being a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister of two beautiful smart young women and a friend of many wonderful, insightful and wise people.

I love many things and I am constantly finding myself learning to see beauty in life. This is perhaps why I am smitten by the art of is the perfect medium to capture life, color and beauty.

Maria Hammon

(United States)

If you can't have enough of Maria Hammon's lovely nostalgic photographic art shots and want to have one, you can. Signed copies of her prints are available in her ETSY store - Just Me Again - at very reasonable pricing.

Want to see more of Maria's work?
Be a follower of SnC's Crop.mmunity by clicking on the "follower" link at the bottom of the blog. We will be featuring more of Maria's beautiful creations - this time it will be her finished scrapbooking works which illustrates her uncanny ability to combine life, art and photography all in one.

So, be sure to be notified by clicking on the "follower" link!



If you
too have made a craft or social contribution to your local community and would like to be featured, please contact us at:


2005-2008 by Maria Hammon

Please do not use the original photos or reprint any of this blog entry's content without permission. Photos used here are with explicit permission from Maria Hammon - Thanking you kindly.



Suz Broughton said...

I love Maira's Photography. It always lifts my spirits. She is such a talent!

Penelope Gan said...

And truly a nice person as well. Love her scrapbooking work too, though she says she doesn't do much these days. Nice story telling.

SandraXu said...

Dear Volunteers of Scrap-n-Crop,

I am glad to have stumbled upon your blog and store through an article in a magazine my husband subscribes to.

Bravo! for such great work and creativity. You have definitely brought scrapbooking to a next level in Asia, Malaysia in particular.

Your ideas are so lovely, inspiring and fresh. This is what touches me most besides the cause you champinion as I see a lot of generic and copycats around: from magazines to books, blogs and even websites. I suppose you face the same problems judging from the constant copyright and intellectual property reminders in your blog.

In any case, I am glad Scrap-n-Crop has managed to keep its originality. Keep up the good work and you sure have found a fan in me.


Scrap-n-Crop Blogs said...

Thanks Maria for allowing us to feature your lovely work.

And Sandra ...awwwww... that's really nice and sweet of you. I am glad we inspire so many people and good things are meant to be shared. So, it's ok if people scraplift, bloglift etc so long as it is not the copyrighted stuff as we also need to protect artist to ensure that there will always be continuous contribution and creativity flow.

Thanks again all!

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