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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

honouring WOMEN today: our supporter's and their contributions

It never seizes to amaze me and to be honoured to be surrounded by so many wonderful women.

Women with BIG hearts.
Women that are sooooo creative, they leave me speechless.
Women with drive, passion and amazing sense of entrepreneurship.

Women who truly stretch the meaning of life-balance. Those that are able to juggle a professional life, family, hobbies and yet still find the time and a place in their hearts to do good.

And is honouring WOMEN today { when it isn't even International Women's Day! But why wait for a formalised day when we can do it everyday? }

So today, as we sat around our brand new Scrap.Abode getting things together, we decided to support all great women that has crossed our paths and made a difference to us, our special children, our families, scrapbooking, our love, our lives ... by featuring some tid-bits about them; bits that normally an acquaintance would never know about. Bits that makes them special. Bits that ticks. Bits that makes them glow.

And today we decided to 'kick-start' this mini project of ours by honouring's supporters who have creatively expanded the craft, and added their 'special thing' in the value added chain to reach out to more people via Etsy <- yet another awesome site that supports handmade products and young budding artists! .
So, to ALL the great amazing women out there, will feature anything to do with your
craft or social contribution to the local community. Do write in and tell us about it. We are terribly excited to hear from you. And yes, you need not own a store... we just started the ball rolling with the Etsy sellers as we know so many great ones there!

email us at

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