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Thursday, October 30, 2008

TIMIDE Nikita by Sabrina

This one is a bit tricky. (uh huh, how timely with Halloween around the corner)

Our super funny and talented Featured Artist - Sabrina Donnet - uses Imaginisce for this creation.

Take a guess at what PP she used from the range - I had a fun time doing just that with my sister over work despite the volatile world financial markets and her chasing funds ... what a stress reliever and thanks Sabrina for that!
{ for a closer look }

{ a pencil sketch }

as it appears on Sabrina's blog ... HERE


bibine 75 said...

oh, merci beaucoup... thanks...
i'm happy... la lala
kiss from switzerland

bébé said...

i love her.

bébé said...

oh, and merci pour les techniques

Natalia said...

oooh my my... so pretty!!! love the's gorgeous!!

Penelope Gan said...

can't agree more Nat. Enlarge the photo and look at the soft feel and her green green eyes...

i went nostalgic immediately! ha ha

kat said...

OK. Let's see:
Baby Powder Collection (Rosy Cheek Textured Paper)
A Shore Thing Collection (Getting Hotter Glitter Paper)
All Kinds of Happy (Pink Frosting with Sprinkles Glitter Paper)

sophie said...

hmmmm... I think u one missing one extra.


j said...

this is tricky alright. i can't figure it out either. which one sophie? which one?

bibine 75, i am a sworn fan.
penny you got to translate this and tell her, ok?

Serene Ho said...

This is way too lovely! I will put this up in the gallery so more will have a chance to see it!

kler.baum said...

how do you say it in french?

Penelope Gan said...

Right on ladies. I shall be the officially/unofficially appointed English-French-English translators for all of you. My pleasure.

sophie said...

hmmm... still no one get it.
i will come back later.

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