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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

NEW ARRIVALS!!! Golden High Flow Acrylics is in Malaysia!

You heard us right:

what is Golden High Flow Acrylics?
think of it as ink-liked acrylic paint

what makes Golden High Flow Acrylics hot?
Paired with refillable markers (comes complimentary/ FREE when you buy a set) this means that you can have a choice of 49 colours of journaling 'pens'/ 'markers' that can be written on ANY SURFACE - from perspex, plastic, glass, paper, wood, stone … to just about anything you fancy!

And if you are not buying the set, and wondering where to get EMPTY markers, well we now have MONTANA markers in 0.7mm and 2mm felt nib

Perfect to fill them with these high flow paints just as pictured in the video above

can Golden High Flow Acrylics be used for air-bushing?
for the more technical artist and those into air-brushing, click on the video below
what is's deal on the Golden High Flow Acrylics?

It's available on our online store HERE - sorry, no photos uploaded yet - if, you'll like to see them in person, be sure to visit our Scrap.Abode on 29th March (Saturday) from 3:00pm to 5:00pm 

A special discounts of 20% off the newly arrived Golden High Flows will be extended to those who attends Nathalie's  UBER MEDIA ACRYLIC PAINT WORKSHOP

(22nd March 2014 - full day - click HERE to register for the Uber Media Acrylic Paint workshop with Nathalie Kalbach at


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