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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

COMING SOON!!! Golden High Flow Acrylics in Malaysia!

That was my first reaction when I played with High Flow Acrylics at Chis Cozen's studio - making some really wacky and fun stuff. 

think of playing with ink-liked acrylic paint

double OMG!
… when Val and I discovered that Golden High Flow Acrylics comes in a set with complimentary refillable markers. 

For art journaling junkie Val, it meant a total of 49 journaling 'pens'/ 'markers' she now have that can be written on just any surface - perspex, glass, paper, wood, stone …

For street-art graffiti obsessed me? whoooooo… ahhhh… I can doodle, squirt, spray, splatter on any surface in crazy iridescent, bright, or natural colours!

Experimenting with the Golden Artist Colors Technical Team in New Berlin, New York… I discovered endless possibility of application with the Golden High Flow Acrylics as it can be applied with a brush, straight from the bottle, drawn with markers of different sizes or even technical pens, and even blowing with straws or sprizt-ing it off a spray bottle … or spraying water onto it to create wash effects.

tripple OMG!
When we had people asking us about High Flow Acrylics during February 2014's open days at the Scrap.Abode. Oh yes, like you we are dying waiting for it to arrive in

so, when is it arriving?
The Golden High Flow Acrylic will debut during the 2014 SnC CELEB ART RETREAT session with Nathalie Kalbach! As the Scrap.Abode will not be open to non-Art Retreat participants, you'll have to wait a couple of days longer.

And if that's killing you? Well, listen to this (chuckles):
A special discounts of 20% off the newly arrived Golden High Flows will be extended to those who attends Nathalie's  UBER MEDIA ACRYLIC PAINT WORKSHOP
(22nd March 2014 - full day - click HERE to register for the Uber Media Acrylic Paint workshop with Nathalie Kalbach at

for the more technical artist and those into air-brushing …

{psst… yes, Val and I have been in that ultra cool paint bar in the video!!!}

Watch this space for announcement of the Golden High Flow Acrylics arrivals, or follow us on our Facebook page HERE.

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