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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

COMING SOON!!! Montana Cans in

OOOhhh and aaahhh was how we used when we fell in love with MONTANA CANS while in the USA. Montana makes wonderful lovely spray paints in cans …

and more recently acrylic based markers

You may not be into grafitti but 
did you know the paint based markers are awesome as they write on any surface? 

And because of that we are able to write on transparencies, acrylic albums, glossy papers, photos etc…. without any problem and achieve amazing results!

{Val testing the acrylic markers on a transparency sheet in the recent mini album she created on our darling late Bryant}

So yes, Val uses the lot for scrapbooking and now Project Life and frankly, you won't regret this purchase!!!

As for me… I've gotten my "canvas" ready for some graffiti meets Project Life with my upcoming Venice spread, while I wait the arrivals of both Montana Can empty marker range and the Golden High Flows...

Yes, is bringing in Montana Can's Black Empty Marker Range to pair it with the upcoming Golden High Glows!!! Two GREAT PROFESSIONAL ARTIST quality products to bring your creations to another level.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Montana BLACK EMPTY Marker is a high quality refillable empty marker, perfect to use with all Montana BLACK 200ml Paint and ink Refills. The Marker is avaialble in 3 different nib sizes: 8mm round, 10mm chisel and 15mm standard.

A choice of different replacement nibs are seperately available such as 18mm T-tip or 15mm Shadow Tip. Paint flow can be controlled through the valve by pumping the tip in varying degrees. To apply ink in a highly liquid form creating drips,  pump the marker more often or for longer periods . Watch the video to see how to use the Markers. Montana BLACK Empty markers – perfect for all alcohol-based Montana BLACK 200ml PAINT and  Dye Inks. Highest quality made in Germany.

For the artsy-grafitti-street art fans like me … here's an inspirational video from Ikaroz using Montana Cans products … and the markers of course! 


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