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Friday, April 17, 2009

and the Lucky No. 7 for March 2009 is...

Y-E-S !!! if your name is shafara
{and whoops! we totally forgot about this with all the excitement of the CELEB CLASSES preparation and SIA - so sorry ladies and thanks "Anonymous" for reminding us.}
Well ladies, it's truly that simple. Just participate by buying, blogging, commenting on this Scrap-n-Crop.mmunity blog or even uploading your beautiful creations on our member's gallery and win! win! win!
.Rules of the Game? --> HERE


Wishful Thinking said...

Congrats Shafara. :-)

noor said...

Congrats gal!

hannie said...

Congratulation Shafara!! U'll surely love SnC's prize :D

Penelope Gan said...

hey congrats! was wondering when the randomizer will pick you.

Serene Ho said...

Oh gosh! When I saw the name beginning with letter "S", I thot I had a chance. But Alas! It wasn't meant to be. Nways, how could I right ... being a helper, volunteer of SnC.

CONGRATS SHAFARA! What Hannie say is right. You will surely <3 the prize!

keep it coming gals!

shafara said...

thanks Val
thanks Penny
thanks SnC

This is such a great surprise to return to. :D

Yup, hannie I can't wait to receive the prize. Sure sounds good! On the way. On the way. :D

J said...

Lucky lucky girl indeed!

katie said...

Congratulations Shafara. I predict the next time the randomiser will pick a name starting with "k". lol

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