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Monday, April 6, 2009

Cosmo Cricket : Jack's World collection . 3 interpretation . 3 inspirations

hokay! Not quite 3 interpretation and 3 inspirations coz I never got around completing mine. :(
Read more about it HERE if you like.
But hold and behold! the wonders of having creative friends around is simply amazing. So, feast you eyes on Leïla Bentahar a.k.a lilibee and Micheal Clement's work below.
. .
uh huh ... all the reasons to BE HAPPY! by Leïla Bentahar a.k.a lilibee made from materials in
. .
and of course the talented missy Michelle Clement with THREE "yesteryear-circus" interpretation! Couldn't help but be awed by the pop-corn wrapper and Popsicle stick.


Layout #1

Layout #2

Layout #3


Thanks ladies for sharing and allowing us to showcase your GREAT work here. Jack's WorldCosmo Cricket PP can be purchased by following this link. And not to pressure you, but seriously, we don't have many pieces left... well, when it's that versatile (double sided, 65lb paper) and adorable, it just snaps up!
. .
Cheers! Penelope
. .
. .


Please do not use the original photos or reprint any of this blog entry's content without permission. Photos used here are with explicit permission from Leïla Bentahar and Michelle Clement - Thanking you kindly.



Wishful Thinking said...

Cute alright! Given me an idea too ... thanks for sharing Penny, Leila & Micheal.

Anonymous said...

This is so nice.

siewbee said...

Oh wow! I added these in the cart too. Going to try to scraplift Michelle Clement LO. :-D

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