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Sunday, April 12, 2009

SIA '09 + Rachel Greig + Me

I am back!!!!

OK, not exactly the newest and hottest news by now and a few of you have seen me over the week and weekend...
With everything else taking precedence {especially packing off orders!!!} this had to take the back seat. So, thankfully my lovely hubby decides to download darling daughter's photos and did me the favour of downloading mine too from the camera to the computer ... and waaaaa lah... here are some shots from Scrapbooking Industry Australia to share with all of you.
Of course by CHA's comparison, this was small. But small has its benefits!!!
I like the fact that I'm able to spend more time with each manufacturer; just kicking back and enjoying every moment of it and the Australian hospitality I have missed for so long now. I was also able to attend more classes ... and had the honour of being seated with Rachel Greig (above) at the dinner!

the Darkroom Door area ... lovely. lovely exhibits and samples ...
{gaaggghhhhHHH I can't locate the photos showing vintage robots and her robots collection!}

+ + + + + + + + + + + + +
another manufacturer that really caught my fancy! {hint. hint}

Happy EASTER Sunday everyone!
Hugs and Kisses,


Nilla said...

Oh How I envy you, going to a fair like that! But lucky us you are bringing home so much great stuff and also Rachel G! Thanks from Nilla

J said...

can't wait to know who the other new manufacturer is.

Lingzie said...

very nice!! cant wait for the class with rachel! :)

Wishful Thinking said...

Great pics there Val. The Darkroom Door stand looked awesome. heheeheee about the other manufacturer that caught your eye :-) Can't wait.

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

he he he.....yeah cant wait for all ze goodies!!!

Anatasia said...

wow. envy you.

shafara said...

So lucky!
My abang will kill me if I ever say I want to go.

But hey, thanks for bringing in more things! :D

you pokai.
i pokai.
we pokai together lah.

katie said...

Lucky, lucky girl!
Hope you had fun walking down the streets, eating your favourite food, reminising the good old carefree days. In addition to having a blast at SIA.

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