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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Singapore Here I Come

It was after much persuasion (well, I was told I didnt need much!!!)...I decided to follow my friends to Singapore just to scrap! For once, I get to sit and enjoy!!! As usual, I am about the last to put up photos!!!
Without the kids and family, it's so easy to take the MRT...well, that is if I don't start shopping!!!



We had classes by Kah Mei, Tia Bennett and Donna Downey



And here is a sneek peak of what we did!



Good thing Donna has graciously allowed us to start teaching her classes here in do look out for that!



We were supposed to meet Serene on Friday evening but ended up meeting her only on Sunday morning!!! Doesn't take a genious to figure out why!!!


So now that all my travelling for this year's quota has been filled up...our next project is our very own Retreat! So remember to SAVE THE DATES!!! 15 & 16 May!'


And to update our unpacking status...we are about 1/3 done after 3 nights and some make sure I remember your pre-orders, kindly send me your Pre-order No and your payment status...we'll be keeping you informed!



Wishful Thinking said...

That's a lovely pic of you with Kah Mei, Tia and Donna Val. (Much better than my pic ... it's washed out in the background with the windows). Where have you hung your canvas's?

Nilla said...

You deserve it, Val! Glad that you had a great weekend, saw pictures at Rachel's blog! See you soon! Hugs from Nilla

Lingzie said...

what fun! :) i can hardly wait for the retreat!

noor said...

thanks for sharing.
Now I can visualise Rachel and Serene.

Bet you all had a blast. No kids. Lots of crafting. Shopping. I am so jealous.

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