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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

are you lucky?

OK. Admittedly I am feeling a little melancholic. It's the weather - all grey and wet which I adore. Add its the time of the year... festivities and saying good bye to 2008 which seemed to have zoomed by so quickly that I couldn't believe that I was catching fireworks displays just a few days ago.

Anyways, some of our fans and supporters have written to us personally and some on their blogs counting their blessings, which amongst others their blessings included
........(1) having discovered us, and
........(2) gotten to know us in a personal capacity.

aawwwwww... thank you. That is soooooooooo sweet and it got me thinking that I am truly blessed and I am one lucky chick despite all the hardship and challenges life has thrown at me.

So, long story short, I decided that besides just giving back to the various charities and causes we support, and SAHM with brain injured children, we will give BACK MORE to OUR lovely, loyal supporters. Hence, we will continue to provide competitive and fair priced goodies, biggest range of products cetera, plus we will be rewarding you for just being with us and for supporting us.

Hence, every month we will randomly generate a list of active buyers from our
online store buyer listing, and
........(2) blog comments ...

then, pick the seventh (No. 7) person on the list.

. .
What do you get?
aaahhhHHHH... the best part. You will get an assortment of stuff that could be discounts on your next purchase, scrap booking goodies, classes ... et cetera

How do I know if I am LUCKY No. 7?
Results will be published in the Scrap-n-Crop.mmunity blog
{yes, yes, we hear you - first names or nicknames only}.
And you will receive a personal email from Valerie.

How do I qualify?
Just be an active participant on the Scrap-n-Crop.mmunity blog or be a buyer - the list of buyers randomly churned out will include buyers for a period of 3 months. This way you just need to buy at least once a quarter and no minimum amount required.

. ..


hannie said...

7.. hmm.. I'm all 7, my birthday on 7th and 7th of the month, I'm the number 7 child at home :D wish me luck!

Renee said...

ooo... more incentive... i like!!! when will it start?

Yin Lim said...

Wow weeeeeeeee.........that's good news!!! wooooo hooooo....

amyloliquefaqueinz said...

Eh? No comments? I've been waiting for the comments to flow in since this morning but o_O? Start commenting people! =P

J said...

Thanks Val. This is so cool. It's ongoing right and one monthly announcement?

J said...

Oh HANNIE, you ARE a lucky NO.7!!! he he he

BishopsMommie said...

wow, that is soooooooo cool of you!! that is great news to support us like this

Serene Ho said...

All the best to #7! Wish I were a customer! LOL! woo hoo \o/

anna said...

Serene, bloggers welcome too!

ditzygirl said...

errr... cheapskate question (blushing)
if I buy frequently and leave comments on blog will that mean I have more chances?

moms world said...

looking forward for this val..hehehe

nasuha ahmad helmi said...

cOunt me in tOo...i always visited yOur online store,want tO buy sOmething but still calculating since i'm still a student with a limited budget ;p
cOme and visit my blOg will ya?

Joyful One said...

I've always wished KL has a scrapbook shop... coz overseas is the only place to find one! Thanks to my friend who introduce me to SnC! One visit to the home base shop & I'm in love! For a craft lover like me, who wont! :D I'm amazed to see all the love n support from everyone for making SnC a success! Keep up the fabulous work!

SomethingSweet said...

I wish I can be Lucky 7. I'm the eldest among 7 siblings, born in month 7 my card always got many 77777 (oh my...i told everybody about my card no.)

Shuba said...

I wish i wish!!! ;)

tasha said...

I loveeeeeee scrap n crop, wish Penang will have one, i will be d 1st one to be there.

JQi said...

Love at first sight with SnC and I never stop visiting your online store (almost everyday even working time...oops!) Addicted much. Keep up the good job SnC!

Nuhaphotocraft said...

i want to..i wish the lucky winner

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