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Thursday, January 29, 2009

CHA Winter Shopping List ... Cosmo Cricket

Seriously torn with this one. The Cosmo Cricket's newest CHA Winter range.
On one hand they are soooo adorable and cute. I could make a Mini. Oh, oh, ohhh, I have photos of Becks that will match that range.

And Snorkel! Look at the snorkel range! I mean who snorkels in my family or goes to the beach but... just look at the snorkel range! and you'll know what I mean.

So, help me out ladies. I know my lil' sister has her eyes on Girl Friday already, so her opinion will be bias ... and I really don't want this to be just pure indulgence when we have sooooo many more stuff to get.
Oh, one more thing ... Mother's Day is around the corner. We could use, you know, THAT Everafter range too! gaaaahhHHHH this buying spree never gets easier.

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Anonymous said...

fantastic kits...but mostly love girl friday, lil' man and ever after...

poosy said...

girl friday definitely has my vote!

Penelope Gan said...

Girl Friday!!!!
I like the whale and sotong in the Snorkle range but that's about it.
So, it's still GIRL FRIDAY - thanks poosy for supporting my vote! :)

alia_shafika said...

i will choose girl friday...

playfulmeowz said...

I'll be biased and choose Lil' Man coz I have a boy...but now that I am preggers with #2, I'm hoping it's a girl and therefore Girl Friday has my vote too! And we can never have enuf of vacation stuff, so bring in Snorkel too! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

Anonymous said...

i definitely vote for GIRLS FRIDAY and EVERAFTER

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