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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Celeb Online Class: "Masterful" Art Journaling

"Masterful" Art Journaling
with Dina Wakley
June 30 to July 21 (8 lessons over 4 weeks)

Are you ready to play in your journals? Are you ready to try something new? Are you ready to explore concepts and ideas that great artists have wrestled with for centuries?

In “Masterful Art Journaling,” you’ll get inspiration from art masters that will help take your art journaling in new directions. From each week’s art history context, we’ll extract art techniques, exercises and journaling prompts to help you play, stretch, and explore as a journaling artist. We’ll be inspired by the artists’ colors, style, and method of expression. We’ll also explore our own response to the questions the artists posed to the world through their art and their lives.

Class Format: 2 lessons per week

Lesson 1: Art history & art exercises. I will select one or two representative paintings, as well, that we will explore and use as inspiration.

Lesson 2: Journaling prompts that encourage introspective exploration inspired by the artist’s world view and art subjects.

Week 1:
Vincent VanGogh

Week 2:
Pablo Picasso

Week 3:
Mary Cassatt

Week 4:
Andy Warhol


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