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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Scrappy Angie's: DIY mists

Hi. It's a brand new year and I am back!! It's me - Angeline - and today I wanted to do a different tutorial but decided to keep that for next week. Since it's 2014 and I am starting my brand new binder for Project Life - I thought it'd be fun to show you what I did for my first week title card.


Today I made my very own mists! 

Yes, you can make some of your own but if you'd like ready made ones, they have a whole variety at HERE.  

There are definitely going to be differences between making your own and buying the ready mades. 

Here's some pointers if you decide to make your own:
+ You can make your own mists using Distress Ink reinkers or Acryllic paints. How rich or soft the colors turn out depends on the ratio of water/paint. 
+ You get very limited colors but can be quite unique.
+ You run out pretty quick as the concentration is not as rich as ready made ones.  You may need to spritz more times.
+ It's messy. :)

And if you buy ready made ones:
+ You get a whole variety of unlimited colors.
+ It's rich - just with a spritz you get a rich concentration of colors.
+ It's not as messy :)

So yes, of course there are pros and cons but guess I decided to be messy and be an "artist" :) Personally, I use both DIY and ready made ones.


So unto our tutorial for today. For my DIY mists, I used a few drops of Distress Paints (1:5) mixed with water (4:5) and mixed them into my mini misters. Shake it up well and start misting! 

NOTE:  I am using a watercolor cardstock. If you plan to use plain cardstock, between each mist, dry it up then mist again - else your paper will warp.

After misting, get your favorite stamps out and stamp! Here I am using some Prima stamps.

I put a strip of masking tape across my title card and stamped some flowers with my favorite GOLD ink!

When you are done - peel the masking tape off.

Then you can start embellishing!! 

Here I have added some die cut pieces and written down the date. Quick and easy!

Here's a close up

Tune in next week for a fun tutorial I have. Here's a sneak peek! :)

For more of my work, do visit my blog or my FB page.

Supplies used:
Watercolor cardstock

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