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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

SnC's CROP.Arty: Trick or Treat Halloween Crop.Arty-cum-Party Reminders

sugar - shopped!
Never knew one could get a sugar rush shopping for sugar for kids ... I'm just so excited about this Saturday's (16th October 2010) Halloween Crop.Arty-cum-Party. We're about filled by now - probably able to squeeze in a child or two (hopefully unassisted by mom's) as it will really tear my heart to turn them down.
A few reminders ... 
The mundane TO BRING LIST:
please bring your own adhesive, blunt scissors/cutting tool, and a child apron (if you have one)

Mom's please remember to dress your kids up for a 'Trick or Treat' session ... coz it's going to be a day of TREATS!!! for all ... kids gets yummy (edible) goodies, while the mommy of the best dressed kid gets EXTRA yummy-licious EXTRA discounts during the Halloween Crop.Arty-cum-Party this 16th October 2010 at

Mom's please email me at if your child has any special dietary needs and/or food allergy. We will be serving finger food, (not so healthy-but-what-the-heck-its-a-Halloween Party) snacks and sugar for the children.

To find out more about's Halloween Crop.Arty-cum-Party, please click HERE.

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Note that will be hosting another Crop.Arty on the 30th October 2010 - details to follow soon.

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