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Friday, January 29, 2010

a BLAST! with Iris Babao-Uy at SnC's ART RETREAT - Day 2


Yes! We were so fortunate to have Iris Babao-Uy recently gracing's Scrap.Abode last weekend with her lovely presence (and loads of talent) to host a 2-day ART RETREAT ... I thought I had {ABSOLUTELY MUST} take a shot of her in the store despite her protest - having been the center of attention for too many hours - as she too could not resist but shop, shop, shop ... spoil with choices was her {lame? lol} reason.
Well, in any case, we don't blame you Iris!!! we are ALL a bunch of hopeless case scrap-erholics-cum-shopaholic! and proud of it as well.
Here's some snap shots of Day 2 of SnC's Celeb ART RETREAT with Iris Babao-Uy...

The masterpiece we were all desperately trying to copy ...

I mean, trust me, it's truly not as simple as it looks. And as Val has expressed and written about her personal experience in this week's newsletter, it was a lot of hard work, long hours, detailing, techniques ... every embellishment went through at least 3 tedious process before being glue-d on.

If you're not convince, here's an expression to prove my point!

 {errr... oops! sorry about that Rose - we love you! truly}
And how our own 'master'piece looks like ...

the serious detailing that goes in...

the cajoling and encouragement we needed ...

shameless amount of group, one-on-one with Iris ...

{errr... even the young one had to observe hard to show mom later!}

But in all, WE survived!!!

and sure had lots of fun ... laughter ...

Thanks to all those brave SURVIVORS - especially those that made it through TWO days!!!
Can't wait to do this again in our upcoming SnC Celeb ART RETREAT with Irene Tan aka Scrapperlicious. supporters, our youngest participant (Becks!), aunty (my mom) who wants all the  Doddlebug Furnishing in the Scrap-room, me (of course) has one thing to say:

Iris, a BIG, BIG, BIG thank you for leading the ART RETREAT this year. It's a thrill and an honour to have you - we hope to see more of you in the coming years....

Lurv, Val

P/S: A special shout out and thanks to Agnes as well ... you are a gem!


mariam said...

ahahaha..I had so much fun except the cutting I still cannot believe I made Iris cut up my leaves lol!!

was a great class. I truly enjoyed the 2nd one. my mum has hijacked the painter's tray and filled it up with pictures :)

Wishful Thinking said...

I am sorry I couldn't come on the Sunday - but I really enjoyed Saturdays class :-)
Thanks for organising for Iris to come and teach :-)

Penelope Gan said...

mariam - your mom rocks!

rachel - no worries - it was fun though.

Serene Ho said... much fun and I'm sure it would be a blast to have met Iris if I were there! Congrats on a successful art retreat!

J said...

Looks like great fun!

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