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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Celeb Online Class: Your Life Captured Through the Lens



January 19 - February 5
6 lessons + 3 videos posted on Tuesdays & Fridays for 3 weeks.

You crop and compose your scrapbook pages, how about exploring the same techniques with your camera? Learn to see through your viewfinder the photo you want on your page and take control of the buttons and knobs on your camera for results you love.

Class includes weekly videos, live chat, forum support, and 6 written lessons covering:

1. Find Your Focus
* Adjust your focal points
* Choose your focus modes
* Use different methods to recompose

2. Push It To the Edge
* Use the Rule of Thirds for photo impact
* Adjust your aperture (even if you don’t know what an f/stop is!)
* Create a shallow depth of field (get that blurry background)

3. Give Me Space
* Create interest by using white space
* Meter for different light situations
* Select a lens for your situation (or make the most of what you have!)

4. Fill The Frame
* Move in on your subject for impact
* Choosing a background
* Quick guide to better portraits

5. Find a Different Angle
* Tell a story with perspective
* Use lines to create interest
* When to go horizontal, when to go vertical

6. Bring It All Together
* 10 steps to improve your photography
* 25 ideas for photos to capture now!
* Answers to frequently asked questions

In each lesson, you'll explore:
* How to use a composition method
* Buttons and Knobs – demystify your camera’s features (point and shoot & dSLR)
* Putting It Into Practice – how to use your camera’s features
* On Assignment – practical step by step instructions for capturing photos


Practice, ask, share, & learn:
In addition to written lessons that you may download and print, you'll improve your photography skills through interaction with Katrina and other participants in the private class forum, sharing your photos in the private class gallery, and participation in live chats. The class covers techniques useable by both dSLR and point & shoot users.
- - - - - - - - - - - -

To REGISTER for this class via, please CLICK HERE

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