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Monday, July 6, 2009

Celeb Online Class: Scrapbooking Everyday Life

Scrapbooking Everyday Life
with Debbie Hodge
July 7 - July 24 (6 lessons over 3 weeks)

Whether you’re participating in Project 365, taking photos of your life as it comes at you, or wondering how to begin documenting the material of everyday life, this class will help you:

  • understand the approaches that exist for getting everyday life photos and stories into your albums;
  • use prompts to find new material;
  • organize, take, and place everyday life photos;
  • tell your stories meaningfully; and
  • use 6 awesome sketch bundles help you get it scrapped now.

Class Outline
  1. Everyday Life Scrapbooking
    • What is the material of everyday life? How do you find material?
    • Approaches for scrapbooking everyday life photos & subjects (i.e., collection pages vs focused approaches to the page)
    • Organizing everyday life photos
    • Sketches

  2. Around home
    • Prompts and approaches for finding and scrapbooking of everyday life at home
    • Everyday life photos
    • Scrapbooking photos of people
    • Sketches

  3. Friends & Extended Family
    • Prompts and approaches for finding and scrapbooking everyday life with friends & extended family
    • Revealing character
    • Sketches
  4. Yourself
    • Prompts & approaches for finding and scrapbooking your personal everyday life
    • What an understanding of perspectives adds to your personal everyday life pages
    • When you don’t have photos
    • Sketches

  5. Incidents & Epiphanies
    • Scrapbooking incidents
    • Scrapbooking epiphanies
    • Story forms
    • Writing scene
    • Sketches

  6. Outings & Places
    • Scrapbooking outings
    • Scrapbooking places
    • Getting lots of photos on a layout
    • Sketches


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