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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Beck's Birthday Bash - 4th July 2009

Oh gosh! I never knew a child's face could really, really glow and voice could squeal endlessly with delight... the sound of being happy...*
Yes, that was how Becks was on 4th of July, 2009.
Of course she started the day not knowing it was her birthday and even when I dressed her in purple and green - Barney themed - she didn't know better. Probably thought dad and I was going to bring her out for our regular Saturday dinner.
And whilst she sat contently on my lap, watching, what else but
Barney!, these were being prepared in my kitchen ...
and loads of purple and green balloons being inflated and tied around the patio ...
She caught on pretty quickly when the guests started milling in. I don't think she knew she was 2 years old, but she sure was happy with the attention and crowd - audience that are finally amused by her antics!!!

But in all fairness, being the sweet thing she is (especially when it comes to khor khor Bryant), Becks made it a point to point and drag everyone to her brother to say:
"Hello Bryant! How are you?"
Moments like these always without fail makes me teary; like how she would share her toys with him by throwing a little ball, or either BJ, Baby Bob or Barney beside him or in his wheelchair while she played nearby.
A better hostest than me, she took the trouble to entertain and humour her great-grandma! Two great-grandmas to be precise (one is not featured in the photo). Although grandma is suffering from dementia, Becks hung around for more than 30 minutes chattering away in Becks-Barney language ... until she got bored or tired and started sucking her thumb.
Well, Becks, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ... and this blog post is for keeps ... when you are a bigger and understand it's your birthday and when you can read. :)
Mummy loves you very much.
And mommy loves you, loves you, loves you to BITS! for loving khor khor Bryant!

* to my dear supporters who may not have been with us from the beginning and do not know our story, Beck's (Rebecca) is my second child which I deliberately delivered at 12:00 noon on 4th July 2007 - a symbol of independence. Freedom. Well, honestly there's nothing wrong with me (I assure you though this 'independence and freedom' talk does sound a bit cuckoo in isolation), but I performed a C-section as advised by my gynecologist primarily because my first child, Bryant, has severe cerebral palsy.

However, it does seem unjust (now that I have written it) to say that Bryant is the cause for the C-section decision and my choice of date and time ... more so when Bryant's condition was a result of medical negligence. Sigh.
Anyways, back to my original point, my statement above was not to provoke, insult or seem benignly naive to the masses and all mothers, but truly, prior to Becks we have never experience first hand the joys and sorrows of watching and experiencing my own child's expression. So, 4th July 2009 was so special for all of us ... we had the extended families over - 2 great grandmas! as well and a blast of a time. The only regret would be the 5kg cake! - boy, how I hate the green and purple cream now...



Anonymous said...

So sweet of this little sister to always include her brother in all the occassion..happy belated barn-th-day (birthday), little becky...u never forget Barney on your birthday ya...this Barney really capture lots of childrens' heart, which also include my niece and cousin nephews..haha...*hugssssssss*

Sharmaine Kruijver said...

Happy Birthday to sweet Beck!!! Looks like a perfect 4th birthday :)

ching ching said...

Happy belated Birthday Beck..You really a sweet girl. Reading your 2 of your notes today via facebook really makes me teary. i'm touched by your little angel and how much it takes to be a mom, a great mom like you. Keep it up. May God bless you.

ching ching said...

Happy Belated Birthday Beck...Reading your story twice via facebook makes me teary.I'm touched by your little angel and you as a mom, a great mom. Keep it up Val and may God bless you.

Shera said...

Happy Birthday Becky :)

shafara said...

Happy Barney Birthday Becks!
She's so sweet Val.

J said...

She's such a gem Val!
Happy Birthday Becks and welcome to terrible 2!!!

Penelope Gan said...

I hate the green and purple theme. The cake? Well, I won't be eating cake for a long time.

siewbee said...

Penny! :o

Becks way to go girl! Auntie or should I say jie-jie is so proud of you.

playfulmeowz said...

thanks for sharing such personal details. You've been an encouragement to many, I'm sure.

Beck is so cute! Isn't it great when siblings have so much love for their special siblings. My older niece loves her little special bro and is very proud and protective of him, likes to play with him. And even though sometime he may spoil her stuff, she will get over it fairly quickly and still love him. This love is more than I can see in other siblings...I don't know why. But such joy and inspiration, yes?

Wishful Thinking said...

Sounds like a very special day Val. Becks looks gorgeous ;-) Cute that she got everyone to say hello to Bryant :-) (ohhhh ... give her a hug from us please!)
Rachel, Aaron & Maddison

sunita said...

Reading your blog made me teary and I was really touched by your words. My belated birthday wishes to your sweet girl.

hannie said...

It still touches me when i read ur post. How adorable of her to include Bryant every time.
and cakes? ya.. two coming up pretty soon - tomorrow! I've order two cakes for Mervin, one for those kiddies at school, and one just for us. :D but no Barney

sonja said...

Thanks Val for sharing and the rest too. Yes, they are all special aren't they? The special kids and kids with special kids around them are just amazing.

BIG HUGS to both the Bs. I miss them so much. Will be back soon.

Serene Ho said...

I'm a wee late but thanks for posting pictures of the birthday bash! Love it that Becky always guide people to say "HI" to kor kor.

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