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Saturday, May 9, 2009

yes, it HERE. it's OUT!!! the results...

The 1-Day FREE! pass to's ART RETREAT with Rachel Greig is out!!! . and boy oh boy did she blog and blog and blog ... so it was hardly surprising that when we extracted the entries and put them through the randomiser... Yeong Shong's name appeared! .
. Her blog entries were here:
Another Go
and here
Still Not Done with Scrapbooking
and here!
I Want to Join Rachel Greig in's ART RETREAT because...
Congrats Yeong Shong!!! Looking forward to see you and I am sure you will have a swell time. Thanks to all the rest that have participated - some had very very creative ideas and posts!

Thanks for playing as always.

Hugs and cheers from, Team of Volunteers


Wishful Thinking said...

Congratulations Yeong Shong - you sure are lucky :-)
Look forward to meeting you next week heheee

Lingzie said...

congrats yeong shong!!
hope to see you during the retreat!

Penelope Gan said...

Congrats Yeong Shong!!!

Yeong Shong said...

thanks...can't wait for the retreat...and meeting you gals...

noor said...


Anonymous said...

congrats Yeong Shong! Even though I'm in singapore, I'll be cheering you and all the others on!

Serene {staff volunteer of SnC}

J said...

Congrats Yeong Shong! I am sure you will enjoy yourself.

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