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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

D-Day 12th of May

When Bryant was born on 12 May 2003, we thought it would be a good day! It didn't start off all that well though, as we left the house just after midnight, the power went off. There was power failure in the entire residential area! So much for arriving with a big bang!
After Bryant was born, we went through a barrage of Malaysia and in Singapore. I consulted doctors via e-mails and phone calls, reaching as far as USA. The typical Malaysian consults mediums, bomohs as they call it here. So, I must say, we did see many bomohs nationwide, even went for miracle healing!
Alas, the bomohs say Bryant was born on a bad day. The worst day one could possibly be born on! So thereon, 12th May is a bad day! But not for us! I still believe 12 May is a good day!
12 May 2003 - Bryant was born! GOOD DAY
12 May TODAY -
My mum came back with biopsy negative results - GOOD DAY
Bryant is 6 years old today (outliving Doctors predictions) - GOOD DAY
We are featured in the Star Metro today - GOOD DAY
So I am embracing the 12th of May from this day on!
May there be more 12 Mays to come!


Anonymous said...

Happy Happy 6th Birthday Bryant :-)
Hugs & cuddles from your little friends Aaron & Maddison xxoo

Wishful Thinking said...

Happy 6th Birthday Bryant. :-) Yes 12 May is a good day ... 6 years old ... doesn't time fly.
Hugs from Rachel

cat lai said...

Happy Birthday Darling Brian and please give Aunty Cat a little bit more time to churn out a mini album for you.


Lilian said...

Today and everyday are good days!! No bad days....

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

thank you all!!! i am crying with joy! Yes, everyday is a GOOD DAY!

Yin Lim said...

harpee burpday, big boy BRYANT...may many more good happy days to come! *hugs and kisses*

Anonymous said...

happy 6th birthday bryant!

fulltime mom


Jonathan said to leave this message for Bryant:
"Happy Birthday Bryant!"

And from us ... Happy Birthday Bryant! No matter which day you are born, you are always special in everybody's hearts!
Hugs, Kisses & Love!
Aunty Serene & Uncle Harith

And hoooray to mum's good medical report too!

Rachel Greig said...

Happy Birthday Bryant!!

12th May is a great day - my cousin was born on this day also :)

Sharmaine said...

Been thinking of you.
Happy birthday Bryant! I hope you all did have a good day :)
Yay for the test results.
hugs :)

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

Thank you all...Yes, we have been blessed! LOVE, Val

hannie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Bryant!
Of course it is a good day, if it is not because of Bryant birth, you won't be knowing that many scrappers around, right? and still be doing what you love, right?

katie said...

Oh dear! I totally forgot about mr. B's birthday. Will make him a lovely card now. I'm so glad he made it so far and he's so gorgeous. Keep well ladies and glad our prayers for mom worked!

auntie katie

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