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Saturday, February 14, 2009

write SnC a LOVE Note and win RM 100, 50 or 25 this Valentine's Day

Contest will be closed at 11:59pm (+8 hrs GMT) on 15th February 2009
All comments received after that will not be considered.
Thanking you in advance and ladies.... GOOD LUCK!


Lingzie said...

happy valentine's day to the wonderful people at SNC!

i'm relatively new to scrapbooking and am discovering what a glorious hobby this is!
I never realized how much my creative cells have died after all these years until i discovered scrapbooking! its now a very good outlet for me to express myself, for me to create things and of course all my friends are thrilled to receive something pretty and personal! :)

SnC has been a great find indeed! friendly, fast and fabulous!

Jolie said...

Scrap-n-Crop like scrapbooking is jammed pack with tiny little goodies.

Despite growing and growing and growing to its present size, the people behind it stays the same.

The service rendered has not changed.

The pricing remains great.

The promos and events are always so different and fresh.

The ladies? Well, straight talking, genuine, heartfelt advise, help, trust.

If it weren't for Scrap-n-Crop whom I love so much, I wouldn't have enjoyed and love scrapbooking this much.

Thanks for the experience.


P/S: I think I love Scrap-n-Crop too much perhaps and this is evident with the time I spend browsing, buying and reading the blog compared to the time I spend with my other half - LOL)

ditzygirl said...


What's not to love?
Love every tinee bits: scraps, embellishments, ribbons, tools, tips, ideas, gossips, forums, stories.

Scrap-n-Crop, will YOU marry me?

Wishful Thinking said...

Where do I start? :-) I love scrapbooking because I can do something with all those photos I take! Also love using sb papers on cards and altered projects. Basically I just love mucking about with paper :-)

And what's not to love about Scrap-n-Crop? Apart from all the awesome products you have in your store, there's the friendly service, the friendship, the sense of humour, the fact that you go above and beyond the call of duty and have even done personal deliveries (thanks :-)!!), and you even put up with my kids when I bring them to your Scrap.Abode and they tend to destroy your displays!!

So thanks heaps ... really enjoying the ride with you ladies - luving every minute of it :-)


Penelope Gan said...

awww.. Rachel, that's so sweet. BTW, that was for the sake of the kids! Or let's say I love the thrill of meeting strangers in Burger King's carpark. Not!

Penelope Gan said...

Oh, the pleasure was mine.

It's been a lovely journey too. Dreading the day you return.

shafara said...

Being a full time mom of 3 and a demanding job, my only pampering is scrapbooking. I find it relaxing and satisfying. It also gives my family and friends joy when I give them my work.

SnC and Val has changed scrapbooking for me in a big way. It has made it assessible and affordable. Thank you SnC! I love you. You have filled my life.

J said...

I just love all the designs and products. I've always like stationery and when scrapbooking came about I was so happy but it was too expensive until my girlfriend told me about SnC.

I can't live without SnC now. They have everything I need and at affordable prices. The service is good and the postage is reasonable. Val is also very kind.

Thanks and good luck!

amy said...

I hope I am still early.
Thank you for all the great items you have, service, pricing and friendlyness.

I like to shop at SnC because people are nice and give me good service and value.

I love scrapbooking because it make good present and make me happy.

bébé said...

SnC the best. I like SnC things I do not have here. Now I buy other things I can get here because postage and pricing is ok. I like SnC also professions. Very good and fast.

I like scrapbooking because it is pretty. I get to play and put pretty things on paper and make pretty photos.

carol said...

Thank you SnC for the friendship.
Thank you SnC for the things in the store.
Thank you SnC for the great pricing.
Thank you SnC for the tips and techniques.
Thank you SnC for introducing me to the love of my life - scrapbooking.

siewbee said...

Thank goodness my aunt introduced me to SnC. Funny I found SnC before scrapbooking. At first I didn't understand. Now I am in love with SnC and scrapbooking.

ana said...

shucks! missed this. any case love you guys.

noor said...

i will marry you guys too.

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