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Monday, February 2, 2009

CHA Winter Shopping List ... October Afternoon

ooh la la ...
My favourite brand for 2008 makes a debut with 3 ranges this CHA Winter:


Have to say October Afternoon didn't "grabbed" me as much this time around, but for a 30-something who still has 2 collections of rubber duckies by my bath ... {smile} ... Ducks in a Row got me going "awwwww...." and of course touched a soft spot.


OA_DR_PP051f_small OA_DR_PP051b_small

OA_DR_PP054f_small OA_DR_PP054b_small

OA_DR_PP055f_small OA_DR_PP055b_small

OA_DR_PP056f_small OA_DR_PP056b_small

OA_DR_PP052f_small OA_DR_PP052b_small

OA_DR_PP053f_small OA_DR_PP053b_small

Well, let us know what you think. Yes? No? Maybe, some.

It's definitely SO CUTE! as the rubber charms says below...


and yes, enjoy the rest too...





OA_CH_PP059f_small2 OA_CH_PP059b_small2

OA_CH_PP060f_small2 OA_CH_PP060b_small2

OA_CH_PP064f_small2 OA_CH_PP064b_small2

OA_CH_PP062f_small2 OA_CH_PP062b_small2

OA_CH_PP063f_small2 OA_CH_PP063b_small2

OA_CH_PP061f_small2 OA_CH_PP061b_small2
xox, Penelope
{literally an October Afternoon baby}



SnazzyJazzie of Scrap & The City said...

you;'re right. this new range ain;t all that delicious as the previous batches...selection is rather ordinary except for 2 bolder versions.

playfulmeowz said...

Thanks for bringing in my fave brand too!

Yin Lim said...

OMGGGG....I waN THESEEEEEE...pls inform me once it's available...i'm comingggggggggggggggg!!!!

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