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Monday, February 23, 2009

New Products

Hi, just a quick note...on our new products. Many have frequently asked us on the new products, what is up, what is coming, what has been re-stocked etc..

We just wanted to tell you, we load new products every other day...We have heaps and heaps...sometimes we even forget they haven't been uploaded and wonder why no one has asked us about some of the items. Not all times, we publicise the line that is in, not especially if the range is small or not if its a restocked item. Because this website is practically a 1-woman show, I only upload during lunch hours if I am not going out! So bear with me if it takes time. If I remember you were looking for something, I will alert you if they are in. But this doesn't always happen, as what we do, is still pretty manual and there is only so much I can remember - forget noting it down, I am not particularly organised at all.


So how would you know if a new product has been uploaded? On our home page, if you scroll under the shop online category, you'll see a category called What's New. Previously I manually updated it under 30, 60 or 90 days but that is a manual process and as we grow it has become impossible to run through every product! So do look for the What's New Category. For ease this is the link:


Example of what I have uploaded today? In between my schedule of meetings and phonecalls, I have added some stamping tools. Watch for them in the What's New category. I have also uploaded some pens and accessories over the weekend. Again, they can be found all HERE!


I have also made an effort to sub-categorise further so you don't have to scroll the pages too much! I know how tedious this can get especially when you see you have something but now cannot locate it! We welcome feedback and take every effort to make this site friendly and easy to navigate. So, if you think there is some area that we can improve on, do leave your feedback here and if we adopt that look to receive something special from us!


Wishful Thinking said...

Yeah ... I stalk your "what's new section" :-) lol

amyloliquefaqueinz said...

I check the What's New section everyday, and my list of wants just grows and grows each day. =\

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

lol you gals are cute!

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