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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

the Lucy Folch Challenge WINNER is ...

Thanks all for the GREAT entries. As usual we had a hard time choosing and debating who is the best. Since we only have ONE pack of Lucy Folch's paper to give away, the tough decision for the FINAL ONE had to be made one way or the other.
So ... drum roll please, for this deserving winner!!!
We are captivated with (1) the combination of two very contrasting Tinkering Ink PP used here and (2) the combination of vintage stuff { did you see the vinyl record there?!? whoa! } and modern designs - I guess this goes to proof that there's NO rules in scrapbooking and when it comes to creativity, there's no boundaries.
Creative use of vintage such as vinyl records set against colours representing the height of the vinyl era!

The other thing that caused squeals of delight is how every single bit of the PP had been used! - even the paper's model/title: al fresco giardino (garden) in the journaling.
A twist of the "flip" sign reveals an interesting mini LO on it's own with exhaustive captions of all the "loves" ...
Congrats! JOLIE!!!
for this fun loving flippant layout of all the love ONEs in your life

{ ha ha! I see you have included yourself too! }

.Feeling inspired? Get your Tinkering Ink PP from now by clicking HERE.


Wishful Thinking said...

Congratulations Jolie. Awesome LO ... lots of work! :-)

Lilian said...

Dear are such an artist!! How come my brain can't come up with such layout and is really really awesome...

Penelope Gan said...

absolutely agree!
awesome work.

amy said...

Wow! The stakes are really high here. Nice jaw dropping work.

Serene Ho said...

Cool! A mix and match that turned out superb! Congratulations Jolie!

Staff of SnC

noor said...

congrats! cantek!!!

J said...

Nice work Jolie!

feli said...

wow!! gorgeous layout with great layering! congrats jolie! :)

siewbee said...


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