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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kill Your Monday Blues with Hils Hints: Stamping 101 - The Magic of Embossing


Seeing someone use embossing powder for the first time is one of those defining “wow” moments for any stamper.  It seems just like magic, watching an image transform in front of your eyes from a dark and dingy bleurgh shade to shiny gold or silver, iridescent pinks, purples and blues, or simply a normal colour with an irresistible gleam.

Embossing powders come in a huge range of colours and finishes.  The jars they come in are usually pretty small, but they last absolutely ages because you use so little of them each time. 

All you need to emboss with is a powder of your choice, a pigment or embossing ink (dye inks usually don’t work because they dry so quickly), and a heat gun.  Plus, of course, a stamp and some paper.

Ideally, you need to see this process in real life to get the real wow factor, but for today a series of photos will have to do instead.

The image has been stamped onto smooth white paper in black pigment ink.

The image has been covered with gold embossing powder, with the excess gently shaken off.  Note that the powder looks nothing like gold at the moment!

Using a heat gun, the embossing powder is being melted – this photo shows the process half way through, and you can clearly see the difference between the melted powder and the un-melted powder.

All the embossing powder has now melted, leaving a shiny, golden image

Once you’ve mastered the art of using embossing powders, it gives you many more techniques to try out – I’ll be sharing some with you over my next few blog posts. 

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HINTS!!! {hot tips}
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Usually, when using embossing powder, you will pour the powder over the image, and then gently shake the excess off on to some scrap paper – the excess can then be put back into the jar.  

But if there is a powder you use a lot it is much easier to keep it in a larger, flatter container – plastic take-away boxes are ideal.  Keep a small spoon with it too.  Then, when you want to use the powder, you can simply hold the stamped image vertically over the container, and use the spoon to scoop the powder over the image.  Much faster, and no clean-up needed!  

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