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Monday, June 24, 2013

Introducing Brand #228: Luminarte in

Introducing Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze

Iridescent, semi transparent acrylic glaze paint in vibrant shimmering colours.


What makes Silks so special?
It's the secret mix of mica and other proprietary mineral particles that refract light, like a crystal.

How do Silks work?
Silks are easy to use paints that create a semi-gloss glaze - not too shinny, not too flat, but just right. Simply brush Silks onto your project, using a wide brush for broad strokes or a fine brush for details. Or use a brayer if you want even wider swaths of color.

Allow Silks to dry between colours to keep the glaze layers distinct and create depth, or blend the colours while still wet if you prefer that effect.
What surfaces are suitable for Silks?
It's a long list.
Silks are formulated for paper, wood, pre-washed fabrics, papier mache, acrylic and other plastics, canvas, gourds, silk and silk ribbon, terra cotta, paper-clay, air-dry clay, air-dry polymer, leather, faux leather, and more.

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Make custom colours by Mixing with Primary Elements Artist Pigments.

Perfect to mix with other Silks colours to customise, darken or lighten.
Click HERE to buy Luminarte Silks Acrylic Glaze from

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