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Monday, November 30, 2009

SnC's CROP.ARTY: KIDS mini album ... the Photos

21st November 2009



...err... this really depended on the child's age!

We had 2 years 4 months and we had an adult! Oh well, cut her some slack... she happened to walk in to the Scrap.Abode, found out about the Crop.arty and asked if she could join. We said, "sure... if you don't mind its a kids' Crop.arty but I promise not to include you in the kids games, 'competitions' and you don't need to chose a colour square plate!"

Their 'play' things...

 The 'play' area ...

and the kids!!!

{Val panicked seconds later when we told her "that's the end of your wardrobe now that she knows how to use a scissors }
The activities ... painting was surely a favourite with the kids - Becks had more paint on her apron and craft sheet than the chipboards, whilst Aaron started off being such an adorable fussy pot. :) He demanded mommy clean his fingers every time he had a turquoise spot or dribble ... wet wipes! wet wipes!

 ... but soon enough he was too engross in the action to bother.

ahhh... as for the Picasso and Monet in the making ... that 'award' went to the girls - all neat, prim and proper as girls should be! lol

Probably the best photos are these ... TOOL time

Look at the 'pain' and apprehension in the parents' faces!
and that of Mr.Macho's ... hard work I tell ya! {not}

Finally, the most popular and loved item of the day was:

chocolate cup cakes topped with Making Memories Jack's patterned paper cut-outs courtesy Aun-thie Egg-ness (as Becks calls her) :)

Thanks all! Sure had a blast ... and yeah, it wasn't all that stressful as I thought it would have been.

Big big huuuuuuggggss,
ee Penny


Anonymous said...

Lolz......good job and well done to Pennyyyyy...*big salute* I feel so happy yet stressful seeing all the kids on action...lolz

Wishful Thinking said...

Well we sure had fun :-) Thanks heaps! Looking forward to completing the album with the photos now.

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