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Sunday, November 1, 2009

cobweb surprise CLEARANCE SALE INVOICE status update


Phew... we have finished packing the 63 orders with 31% discounts and almost all of the remaining orders, but the online system is too slow to send out the invoices... so it might be delayed... go to sleep ladies! lol

Anyway, if you receive your invoice today, we will extend your payment period to the next 24 hours, i.e. by midnight tomorrow, for you to make the necessary payment. Again, ... go to sleep ladies! 
I know I will be going to sleep soon - the system is driving me crazy!!! but in all fairness the website people have rushed to work (yup, on a Sunday nite just for us!!!) to try to fix the problem.

Thanks ladies and thanks to the web guys too!!!


ms. diya said...

Thanked God I dropped by here.

I was so afraid just now since it's already midnight i haven't receive any email from SNC today! LOL!

Good night, Val! ;)

Penelope Gan said...


This is meant 2 be a LOVELY, ENJOYABLE and BENEFICIAL SALE. So, please relax-lah. Val is (and will be) reasonable.

I'm off to bed as well.

Good night all.

anna said...

Ok.Ok. Geez Penny, you sound worse than my mother! lol

Goodnight everyone.
I'll settle mine around lunch time Val.

Thanks so much. Can't wait for the goodies!!!

Hugs and Happy Birthday Val,

P/S: oh, Penny, don't nag (lol). I know we have to wait about 2 weeks or less for the goodies to arrive.

Penelope Gan said...

You gottit rite! Now, GO TO BED!!!!


Anonymous said...

YES! At last the invoice is in! Will pay tomolo noon..yay!

Good nite!

Wishful Thinking said...

You guys have outdone yourselves ... you said two weeks and you did it in a day!!! Super Women! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Val and everyone who worked over the weekend on this. Got my invoice. Will pay shortly and email you the details.

Penelope Gan said...

Rachel - yes! It was slave driving on Val's side. lol

Just joking jie2

Oh, and look who got the brown-bug this time around, huh? :p
Yup, I picked your stuff up.


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