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Friday, August 21, 2009

Splash.Splosh.Splat Crop.arty ... postponed

So sorry ladies!!! I know, I know, we've not had an { open } Crop.arty for eons!!! And I thought: why not have some fun since we'll have loads of photos and memories to scrap from the summer and school holiday breaks? why not have some BIG messy splash.splosh.splat
fun with canvas, fabric, paint, gesso, moulding paste, distressing ink, dimensional pearls, golden acrylic paints, gel mediums and bla.. bla.. blah...

yes! the point is to get down-and-dirty with the
this 22nd August 2009

with inspiration from Donna Downey (attended her class this year, if some of you recall).
And so I thought, I'll share some fun techniques I've learned {and additional ones experimented with some of the gals that came around recently to use the Tools Centre and Crop.Room.

errr... now I've got this @#$% appointment with the dentist and it looks like my tooth is gonna need more than moulding paste. :(
So, it appears we'll have to PUSH the 22nd August 2009 date BACK and perhaps do this in September 2009 instead. Well, I'll be keeping you posted and if you're keen to join us for GREAT, INFECTIOUS FUN & CROSS-LEARNING, remember to follow this blog or sign-up for our newsletter since ALL { open } Crop.arty in is limited to 10 pax only
QUERIES can be made by emailing
. ..


Liz said...

No problem. Thanks for the email.

Anonymous said...

No worries Val.
All the best with the dentist.

Wishful Thinking said...

Oh goodie ... that means I might be able to attend heheeee :-)

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