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Monday, August 3, 2009

SCRAP.PENINGS in August 2009


SCRAP.PENINGS in for the month of August'09
2nd August
Sister's Day PRIVATE Crop.arty
(please note the Scrap.Abode will be SHUT)

7th August
Are you Lucky #7? Announcement

15th August
Unity Stamp Company
LAST CALL for August Orders
22nd August

Splash. Splosh. Splat! Crop.Arty
canvas art with gel medium, molding paste, glaze + crackle paints, fibers fabric etc}
+ + + + + + + +
other IMPORTANT dates

2nd August

Sister's Day
31st August
Independence Day
+ + + + + + + +
Psst... More updates on SCRAP.PENINGS in August 2009 after August 10th, 2009 - I'm off to the Himalayas in couple of days and this blog entry is set on auto-scheduled mode. And at time of publishing, Online Classes by GetItScrapped! has not been published. HUGE apology to all of you great fans and followers of
GetItScrapped! online classes.


Lilian said...

Well, Penny
If scarp n crop selling these...Please bring back the following when you are there in the mountains...a galoon of the Fountain Of Life juice...ok..I am getting old and forgetful and would definitely like to have some of the Elixer of Life....and also pictures of Yetis....
Enjoy yourself..dear Penny
Lilian with envy...sigh

Penelope Gan said...

Lilian, Lilian ... for you I will share the elixir for free, though I am not sure I want to live forever and ever and ever.

I'll try to ask around about Yetis.

(psst, the hug comes with flu virus!)

noor said...

Have fun Penny and get well soon.

bambino said...

wow! Himalayas.
So cool.
Joys of being SINGLE.

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