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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

SnC's Spring March Crop.Arty

the sugar definitely got to my head!
I forgot the camera. Can you believe that?!?
3 cakes!
. 1 marble. 1 banana with lemon icing . 1 steamed moist choc cake .
uh huh. Can you blame me for forgetting the camera now? Knew you'd understand and accept the absence of behind the scene shots as well as shots of our lovely Crop.Arty attendees work. lol

7 scrappers - 2 of which were novices and I have to say I am so impressed at their end product! Sure blew me away not to mention the speed they did it in.
1 extremely late comer - but all is well, instructions on the way.
2 regrets - kits and instructions on the way!
and that made our 10 participants.
Apologies to the rest which we had to turn down since we can only comfortably acommodate 10 pax in scrap-room.

We finished ONE album - Home Sweet Home and got to play with the Zutter and Slice.
as for the SECOND mini... spring...
well, our Crop.Arty attendees have expressed that they are game enough to give it a shot on their own.

Well, good luck ladies and hopefully you will share with us your finished product. Here's mine:
Happy Scrapping ladies ...
xox, Penelope
. .
p/s: pssst... I'm thinking fabric next round.
Anyone game or has a technique or two to share?


Wishful Thinking said...

Finished my house mini :-) Will blog it later today (need to take pics first). Thanks so much Penny ... enjoyed the afternoon. Now will I get the spring one done?? Hehehee time will tell!

siewbee said...

Do you think my husband will consider moving to KL? I am so envious of all you ladies!

anna said...

Sounds like you girls had a fun time again. Yup, Siewbee, you and I can continue to dream. Hope?

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