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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

TOOL CENTRE unveils at SnC's Scrap.Abode

whooo HHOOoooo...
No. No. No. No need to pinch yourself! Yes, now has a TOOL CENTRE just for our lovely supporters to use at their whims and fancy*.
Featuring a wide range of tools, from hand tools you have often wondered how it works {not to mention the obscure ones such as notch makers} right to cutting tools, die cut machines {uh huh - plural form here} and assortments of templates and accessories.
So, if you're still dreaming:
Big Bite
paper edgers
heat guns
phrase makers
melting pots
... etc.

wait no more!
All you need to do is call us for an appointment. It can't get easier than this... but why complicate matters? Life is to be enjoyed and good moments are to be shared.
*like our Scrap.Abode, the Tool Centre is open by appointment ONLY.
Please contact Valerie @ +6.012.386.2869


shafara said...

it's a whoooohooooo indeed!
thanks Val

J said...

wow - this is cool.
Thanks Val. I'll definitely call some friends. Drooling and dreaming already.

Wishful Thinking said...

heheheee Goodie Goodies :-) Can't wait to see it ... wonder if there's any work space left on it? Or it's totally covered in tools! LOL

ditzygirl said...

thx SnC for sharing the tools and letting us use them.

katie said...

This is marvelous news ladies!
Congrats SnC for being revolutinary yet again. Also thank you thank you for sharing the tools with us. My only fear is addiction.

Monette said...

Hello Val:

I feel blue I'm far away from all the happenings and the goodies! (Am in Penang). Anyway, congratulations on your ever expanding store and thanks for sharing all your stuff. -----Monette N.

Lingzie said...

nooooooooooooooo!! to think that i missed this during my recent trip to KL! ok will definitely have to make time for a visit to the tool center on my next trip!! :)

anna said...

I am so envious! I only wished the LSS here will be so generous.

noor said...

Whooooohooooooo. Definitely whooooohooooo. lol
I'll be calling you shortly. School holidays coming soon - who needs to balik kampung lah? Just go scrap-n-crop.

bambino said...

you are very lucky girls. ScrapnCrop is nice store.

Cols said...

WOW! that is so great! does the offer still stand and WHERE is this tool shed?? im new to cardmaking so am soo interested in this!

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