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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

WHAT's TRENDING: Project Life Products in

Ignore me if I get too excited when you drop by on Wednesdays for Project Life supplies.
It's probably the one system that means the most to me as I accidentally ended up with years ago due to over hoarding of scrapbooking supplies in my effort to keep a journal of my late son, Bryant, who suffered from severe cerebral palsy.

So when Becky Higgins came up with the Project Life system, I was ecstatic! It made scrapbooking so much easier and less time consuming.

Today, I keep yearly Project Life albums of my daughter and son, in addition to vacations we do. That way, I'll have records of them growing up like my mother had of me and my sister where she had hand scribbled notes, newspaper cuttings, our drawings and other relevant things (we call them ephemeral now!) beside our photos. 

I'll say no more and let the creator of Project Life explain the concept to us. Here's a fun take of What Is Project Life from Becky Higgins website.

Project Life® is an ultra-simple, ├╝ber-stylish solution for getting your photos off your phone and computer, out of boxes, and into albums. Gone are the days of cutting, pasting, buying oodles of supplies, and spending hours on an album. Or even hours on just one page.
Enter Project Life. Simply choose a Project Life Album, select a Core Kit full of artfully-designed cards, and slip them into our Photo Pocket Pages along with your treasured photos and you’re done! By spending less time on your albums, you’ll have more time to rearrange your sock drawer, give Fido a bath, or clean your house. Well, you get the idea. Take a while to look around our site and see what this revolutionary product is all about!

In short, Project Life has become part and parcel of a lot of our lives today ...

Being THE retailer in Malaysia, naturally has the largest Project Life collection and is constantly bringing in the latest for you. Sold online (or in our warehouse during selected weekends; i.e.'s OpenDays) you can find Project Life by clicking on this link.

If you're worried about having too much, well, it's a very economical way to start off Project Life, more so with the discounts under our clearance section or go for the Value Kits (some samples below - visit our website for the full range).

Mix + Match Value Kit
What do you get when you pair cards with bold patterns and overlays printed with gold foil, black, or white? The Mix + Match Value Kit! With tons of possible combinations, this kit is sure to be one that you reach for over and over.
Mix + Match Value KitEmbossed Value Kit
The cards + embellishments in this Value Kit have embossed designs that add dimension and pop to your pages.
Embossed Value Kit

Note to Self Value Kit

The phrases in this kit are reminders of the goodness of life and the wood veneer embellishments help to add the perfect finishing touch to the stories you’re documenting.
Note to Self Value Kit

Bold + Gold Themed Cards

This set of Themed Cards is finished with gold foil and die cut shapes to help make the designs stand out in your album!
Bold + Gold Themed Cards

Clear Themed Cards

A bit of a twist on our regular Photo Overlays, these Clear Themed Cards are made to stand on their own or can be paired with a basic card or solid cardstock for added impact.

Clear Themed Cards

 And the good news is, organises swap parties for all Project Life-rs to come together and crop together as well as swap excess cards.
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Other than discounts and announcements of new arrivals, it pays to stay tuned to's blog site - SnC's CROP.mmunity or follow/ like us on Facebook page, Instagram and signup for our Newsletters to be notified on Project Life NEW arrivals, Project Life Swap or Get-Together parties and DISCOUNTS…
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For discounts on Project Life, check out the Project Life Clearance section in HERE

Click HERE to check-out the range of Project Life Mini Kits available for sale in, Malaysia

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