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Monday, June 18, 2018

TIPS & TECHNIQUES: Choosing the Right Planner with Simple Stories

Choosing the right planner can be daunting and confusing. So, I personally found this blog entry by Lori - Simple Stories' marketing manager - on how to chose the right planner extremely useful and am sharing some of it here. 

The latest release of Travelers Notebooks by Simple Stories is without a doubt going to be a hit, as it's really portable and pretty ... but first, let's get down to understanding your needs.
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This is the first question you should be asking yourself when selecting your planner. How will you use your planner and what will be the purpose of the planner? Everyone plans, plots and tracks goals in different ways. Some people want to track appointments and to-dos. Others want to doodle and dream. The purpose of planning will guide you to the planner that’s right for you.
Will you be carrying your planner with you daily or is your planner going to stay on your desk? Do you tend to record lots of notes throughout the day or do you only write minimally? Does it need to fit in your purse or will any size do?
Do you want to add pages to your planner on your own or do you want everything pre-designed and bound together in one notebook? Do you want a fold-over, spiral-type planner, or would you prefer more of a binder?
Planners come in a wide-range of prices. Binder-type planners are more expensive because of the hardware mechanisms, and they are easy to customize. Spiral planners are less-expensive, but you can’t do too much to personalize the contents.


The Carpe Diem A5Planner is Simple Stories' beloved first-born and one of the first A5 Planners carried by It remains a staple in and many people have found that this planner is a perfect fit for them. 

With lots of insert types, embellishments and accessories to choose from, this 6-ring planner is customizable for everyone. Whether you use it for hourly appointment scheduling, fitness tracking or menu planning, there are insert options available to make your planning easier. 

The Carpe Diem A5Planner measures 8 inches wide by 9.4 inches tall. At 1.375 inches deep, there’s lots of room to add pages to your planner so it’s just-right!

Select the Carpe Diem A5Planner if you:
·       Want customization options with inserts and tabs
·       Want to add additional pages to your planner to fit your needs
·       Want a wide selection of colors and prints
·       Want to plan a few months at a time
·       Want a larger area of paper to record items, notes, etc.
·       Want to track monthly important dates, goals, birthdays, to-dos
·       Plan hourly appointments
·       Track to-dos


The Carpe Diem Travelers Notebook is another great option introduced to the Carpe Diem family in Q2 2017. 

While the Travelers Notebook is new to Simple Stories product offerings, it’s certainly not new to the planning and stationery world. Made of high-quality simulated leather, the notebook itself is slightly flexible and expands to wrap around multiple Travelers Notebook Inserts. This notebook has an elastic band closure to keep all of your notes and books together in one tight package.

The Carpe Diem Travelers Notebook measures 5.5 inches wide by 8.625 inches tall. This notebook can hold multiple inserts and keep you organized in a completely customizable way.

Select a Carpe Diem Travelers Notebook if you:
·       Want freedom to customize the entire notebook
·       Want to add additional notebooks to fit your needs
·       Want a wide selection of colors and prints
·       Want to plan, doodle, bullet journal, capture to-dos or dreams
·       Want a smaller, flexible cover option
·       Want freedom to record whatever, however you want

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