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Friday, December 20, 2013

Shimmer Twinkle Make & Take Winners Listing

We are ending the year with a BIG BANG so this newsletter will serve as a final email to you before we head off to an exciting close to the year in USA. 

If you don't already realise by now, we are also cleaning up our email list. With over 5,000 subscribers, we try to ensure you only receive the email if you would like to read it. 

With so limited time in a day, why throw precious time cleaning your email box if you prefer to follow us on Facebook and our blog? 

So, if you wish to unsubscribe for now, you can easily hit the unsubscribe button or failing which, just drop me a mail and I will be happy to clear that off for you.

Finally, as we are preparing to head off this year end, if you don't already know by now, we are heading for Tinseltown to visit GOLDEN PAINTS and to attend the Winter Craft and Hobby Show 2014. 

Follow us on Facebook to see what we are up to, where we are and what gems we discover in the Craft and Hobby Show, USA. 2014 product announcements are normally made during this very important show!



Final List of Make & Take Attendees

Now, if you are a fan of our Facebook Page, Scrappy Angie and Mr. Crafter will be organising a fabulous Shimmer Twinkle Make & Take on the 21st of December, our final OPEN DAY for 2013. will be sponsoring the Twinkling H20 (my stash...ahem) AND attendees will be offered a 20% discount to bring home their own H2O!

The Confirmed list of Attendees are:

Deisha Abdullah 
Atiqah Hashim
Nur Hani Yahaya
Siew Shan Lyn
Tania Joan Danker
Joey Yap
Hambali Arifin
Donna Hamid
Cindy Wong
김희선 (Takako Miyake)
Lily Lotus
Sheree Sekaran
Su Sian Ho

We will be emailing you for the "to-bring" list soon.

Saturday 21st December 2013 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm

This will be our last open day for 2013 and the last weekend we are in town as we head for Tinseltown and CHA in a few days time.
If you'll like to collect your items personally at the Scrap.Abode, please email us at with your PO # 24 hours before then.

We will be away for CHA and GOLDEN Artist Paint Classes and Factory Visit in the USA from 25th December 2013 to 17th January 2014.

Hence, these are our final dates for orders to be delivered before the year ends:

22nd December 2013
Last Day for Orders
{please put them in before 5pm (GMT+8)}
23rd December 2013
Last Day for Receiving Payment
{please put them in before 9pm (GMT+8)}
24th December 2013
Last Day for Orders to be Shipped Out
{shipment organised the night before (23rd Dec  12midnight) (GMT+8)}

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