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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

COMING SOON!!! Project Life-rs ... It's time to PARTEE with us!

Who isn't inspired by these? 

Well, we're finally going to partee before we get super busy making last minute preparations to head off for CHA 2014 ... so, what better way that to come together and crop our Project Life projects together ... 

SnC Project Life Party #1
1st December 2013, Sunday

Participants who have purchased from us at least RM500 in Project Life products can attend the party for absolutely FREE!!! 

YES! You heard us right. They say nothing is FREE these days but it does happen at! Isn't life sweet?

Now if you would like to attend but have not met the above requirement, do not fret. You can still attend by purchasing a spot for RM100.00. The best part is, you will receive an embellishment kit worth at least RM120.00 from us. So again, its a WIN-WIN deal with! 

What will you expect at the party?

1. First chance at getting your hands on the latest Project Life limited edition release, the CORAL EDITION 

2. Other Project Life popular releases such as HERITAGE, SLATE and 5th & FROLIC will be released at the party for purchase

3. Exclusive embellishment packs for your Project Life

4. Exclusive discounts on Project Life kits and embellishments

5. Exchanging of inspirational ideas amongst PL participants

 ... and it's seriously a BIG deal coz you'll be the first to get your hands on the new arrivals and any limited editions that is permitted to bring in (since we are the only store listed as a retailer in Malaysia by the official Project Life) at 10-30% off 

Get yourself registered now on our store link HERE 

Displaying PL2.jpg

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