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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

PayPal Campaign and Case Study:

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It does get a tat confusing … simply coz I am the PANK; ya know' Professional Auntie with No Kids - a term coined by marketers who finally discovered that we are the biggest suckers when it comes to children peripherals.

Read: nice to haves that cost a bomb which biological parents and real care givers will never part their dollars with to "buy" some "I LOVE YOU!" or "YOU ARE MY FAVOURITE, BESTEST PERSON ON EARTH" exclamations from anyone under 4 feet tall. Partly, the real cost of bringing up children is exorbitant with the staples in itself. Partly, parents and real care givers are immune to the swing between being the best thing that ever walked the universe to "I HATE YOU" … and "I WISH YOU ARE NOT MY MOTHER!"

So the PayPal campaigns have been rather confusing as I am so to speak the face for, but not really the mother of the child in question in the technical biological sense. However, in defense I am as legitimate as it gets to be the mother of the child in question … going beyond the PANK marketers can manipulate into buying god-zillion toys and what nots for a handsome wad of dollars.

So, for all those who have enquired, I am the other half of
The child is my beloved 9 year old nephew.

For those who would like some care giver/ management help or questions for cerebral palsy children, yes, you may pose your questions to either Val or me … or simply at

Thanks - xoxo, Penelope

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