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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

ANNOUNCEMENT!!! Accepts Maybank Transfers

Yes, you asked {repeatedly} and we listened, well not immediately but eventually...he he…
{and here's where I add cruelly @ the expanse of my sister that I finally see the virtue and rewards of Val being a SAHM!}

She has finally gotten her butt over to the Company Secretary and a Maybank branch and got the MAYBANK 2U option up and running for!!!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 
so, what now?'s Maybank account number will be available to you upon us sending you the invoice if you choose that option for checkout. 

You can now use this option and save $$$ as I understand that most of you have been wondering if indeed we do accept Maybank payments other than our RHB bank account! 

So, with over 400 branches nationwide and 24/7 online availability including mobile payments (there are even APPS for Iphones, Ipads, Android and Windows Phones), Maybank 2U transfers makes a lot of sense** !

This also means, there's no reason not to BUY from with more and more added conveniences offered over the years and the secured payment platforms we have created on our online store.

Happy shopping!

{**note: we are not being paid by Maybank to advertise Maybank 2U, though they seriously should consider it given the leaps and bounds success of Paypal's commercial featuring us… we are afterall Asia's largest online scrapbooking store with a wide global customer reach … hmmmm…. } 

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