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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HOT PRODUCTS!!!! Clear / Acrylic Blocks restocked in SnC

What are Clear Blocks?
Clear blocks are basically thick pieces of acrylic used to mount acrylic stamps (clear stamps) or unmounted rubber stamps that has a mounting foam or cushion attached to them. Most clear blocks comes with groves or grips to make handling easier.

Why are they so popular?
Acrylic stamps are one of the most popular products to hit the scrapbooking market in recent years. The reason for their popularity is that a crafter can see the exact placement of where a stamp's image will be applied. Acrylic stamps have a plastic-like feel that clings to other plastics/acrylics. Because of this, acrylic stamps can be used without the need for a mounting variable unlike traditional rubber stamps and are often mounted to clear blocks.

How do I mount the acrylic or clear stamp?
Simply apply the stamps directly to an acrylic block, ink, and stamp. Because acrylic stamps are clear, it is easy to see exactly where the image will go and what it will look like when applied. 

Can I reuse my Clear Blocks?
Yes. You may peel off and reattach new clear acrylic stamps as many times as you like on your clear blocks.

How do I maintain my Clear Blocks and acrylic or clear stamps?

 Make sure to store these stamps in a cool, dry place, and away from sunlight. Sunlight will age the stamps considerably, hardening the plastic resin, making it too brittle to use. This will also color the acrylic from transparent to yellow.

Clean your stamps immediately after use. Use non-invasive solutions and cloths such as baby wipes or stamp cleaners. If the stamps are staining from the inks used, spray on a very diluted mixture of bleach to water to the stamp and rub gently using a soft cloth. Rinse immediately with cold water until all of the bleach solution has been washed away.

After repeated use, the "cling" side of the stamps usually starts to lose its tackiness. To restore its cling, use soap and water to wash away dust, lint, ink, and other particles that might be compromising the stamps.
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