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Monday, August 6, 2012

A Heartfelt Thanks to Everyone Out There … from Val & Penelope {SnC}

I can't even begun to thank each and everyone of you who had been great during our tiring moments.
The words of encouragement, the positivism, the shared stress and anxiety, the prayers, the bottles of holy water received, the {confinement} food delivered to the hospital, the understanding that your urgent orders and purchases are not delivered … the list just goes on.

Benji {or at least we think that's going to be his pet name} was born on 3rd August 2012 - 2 months (on the dot) earlier, defying and denying excited Penny of a shared birth date.

Benji  weighs just 1.9 kgs at birth, but other than looking extremely delicate, he looks healthy and perfect.

The next two weeks is going to continue to be stressful for the family, with shuffling between the hospital and waiting for daily progress reports … but we are only hopeful for the best and trust that with everyone's positivism and prayers, it can only turn out to be great news.

As I sit/ sleep confined to my mother's home - nobody trust me to be on my own and to actually rest - I am pleased to say that I am fully connected and with Penny spending the entire Saturday and Sunday picking up countless of orders {poor her! complaining about the potential of cultivating varicose veins!!!}, we are able to confirm your pending orders with today.

We will also start shipping out your orders with today.

Once again, thanks for all your understanding, patience, continued support for and my family … and all the LOVE.

Hugs {smelling of traditional bathing herbs though!},
P/S: Whilst we are thankful and appreciative of the gifts, fruit baskets, flowers, hampers, Dom, XO, herbs, etc., please do consider giving to others who are more in need, more so during the month of Ramadhan. 

If you still feel incline, handmade cards, LO, mini albums etc. would be a very lovely gesture for all of us to cherish and remember in years to come. 

1 comment:

Angel said...

So glad to hear Val n baby benji are healthy! Do take care

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