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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shopping Tips 101: Verification of User ID for


did u know?

A routine check in our system shows 572 clients who have not verified your address. 

In addition, we have also received mails on your frustration and inability to log in after creating an account with us. This is more often than not, due to the simple reason that you have not validated your account opening by clicking on a mail sent to you after signing up.

You may wonder why you need this 2-step exercise just to shop in

Well, we all get lot of spams mails daily and some of these spams look like genuine mails. Just like those spam mails, there are also forms of spam where they take over your user emails and inadvertently signs up for an account with websites like

To combat this, we require customers to verify their account opening by clicking on a link mailed to you after you have signed up.

In short, when you create a Account, you must verify your email address so we can confirm you're the owner of that address. Without verifying your email address, your account isn't active, and you'll not have access to the fabulous shopping cart in

If you haven't received a verification email, it may be because the verification email has gone to your spam folder. Thus is it important that you ADD US to your address book so you will not miss out on all those important offers sent to you!!! 

If you still cannot locate the verification email, contact us at and we will validate your account for you.

Lastly, we have done a one off exercise to validate ALL accounts signed up since 2007. Please let us know if you still encounter any problems especially when logging in.

Thanks and hug,

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