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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Scrap.Abode Gets Reorganised and Expands Further

OK. The only reason the Scrap.Abode got reorganised over the last week was because we expanded. For those who have visited of late, we apologize for the Hanging Garden of Babylon type 'decor' and lucky us, no injuries were sustained though we were mindful to leave at least 2.5 feet leeway clearance on each step and 5 feet high (and all those that were suspended from the ceiling and railings were light stuff).
We finally gave up. We have just jammed up too much stuff. Our display racks were protesting. The Clip It Up carousels were wobbly. The floor space ... well, there wasn't much. :)
So ladies, now the layout is such:
Ground Floor Back room
entire length of slate walls with paper trays filled with transparencies, overlays and (only some! of the) elements stickers.

Ground Floor Dining
area has been converted to a stamp area. errr... the stamp pads, embossing powder etc are still jam packed under the stairs!!! :)

First Floor Living Hall
is a ribbons galore - yup - the entire wall has been installed with wall slates and holds ribbons organisers filled with ribbons. Punches are also now hanging on display rather than all over the place. (Oh we had to keep some punches in storage)

First Floor Back Room and Classroom
houses all the Organisation Units, Furniture and Totes.
We'll need to eventually find a home for the over flowing 'punches'. Heck! You know what, if you were to drop by it really does seem like nothing much has been spaced out. It is still overflowing with stuff!!! And oh, watch your step. And watch your head clearance allowance.
The Stamps Area in progress ... which as you can see below is aarrgghhhHHHH

For the record, my "arrrrggghhhhhhHHHH" did not create the shake effect on the photo. It's just Val's photography 'skills' (ahem).

It's arrrggghhhhHHH coz we still don't have enough space despite displaying by brand type and not design. So, yes, ladies, you still gotta dig dig dig and flip flip flip to find the stamps you want.
Psst... some are 30 stamp sets deep!

Tell us, would you like to see more sneek peeks?


Wishful Thinking said...

Can't wait to see it all. Sounds fabulous :-) and of COURSE we'd like to see more sneak peeks! LOL
Like the look of the new stamp corner.

amyloliquefaqueinz said...

Goodness! I'd feel like in scrapbook heaven there!

Lilian Goh said...

Hi Val,
I think you need a bigger space...I know I do as I keep on buying faster than doing scrapbooking stuff.
Hmm....maybe I will set up store in Melaka...hehehe....if my hubby doesn't "kill" me first...

p/s can't wait to buy somemore stuff during our 13th and 14th retreat as i know you will have som good discounts for us...

p/p/s maybe gotta rob the bank later...anyone want to join in!!

J said...

Nice write up and can't wait to see.

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