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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Scrapbook Inspirations {UK} says 'Goodbye'


Gosh. Another sad day ... here's what they had to say in their blog...
By now many of you have heard the news that the next issue of Scrapbook Inspirations will be the last, as it was announced late last week. Perhaps I hadn’t said anything here just yet because I was in a bit of denial. But also because it was admittedly quite difficult to read speculation from others as to how this happened, why this happened, how long it had been happening. It is very difficult to see speculation from the other side, when part of you wants to say ‘No, really, that’s not how it worked’ but really the end result is the same: after the Christmas issue, there will be no regular, monthly issue. I’ve worked on this magazine since issue two, and over the past few years have done more work behind the scenes, so inevitably it has been very sad news. 

In a way, coming to work for SI came from a similar experience, going away with some scrapping friends for a weekend having just learned of the end of Scrapbooking Memories and More, a magazine we had worked on back when things like that were really in their infancy in the UK. We had all been upset about it individually and by the time we headed home, we had banded together in hopes of working together on something, somewhere. And SI gave us that opportunity and trusted us with ideas that went from silly conversations and rough pencil sketches into real articles. Sixty issues later, that is still a magical feeling for me. Working with that team always had energy and creativity and I loved seeing how we would each interpret a single idea.

It has also been lovely working with new scrappers, and recently new team members, as the hobby took a step in a new direction earlier this year and we were able to see new styles evolving from British scrappers. I know these ladies will continue to be inspiring crafters, even if I don’t have that little glee of seeing their work before it goes to press. 

And please indulge me as I must say a huge public thank you to Rosie, Cara and Jane, our editors. These girls are amazing and I am so sorry that such amazing people are now faced with the upheaval that comes with the end of a job. Jane, our art editor, needs a medal just for not killing me, as I often send her notes like ‘I know this article was supposed to have three layouts but now it has five. Ummmm. Sorry.’ or ‘I dropped an ink pad on this layout at the last minute. Can you fix it?’ and I would completely expect her to call me every name in the book and just refuse to make the changes, but presto, it would have all five layouts and no scary ink pad evidence, beautifully and without any swearing that I ever heard. Cara is an organisational goddess, and I have never known anyone to be so calm with changes and short deadlines. If I were her, there would have been many times I would have shouted at me for leaving things close to the deadline (ahem, I am deadline motivated, but that is an entirely different discussion) but nope, she always had everything under control. And Rosie, well, Rosie is so awesome I have no words right now. And if I did, we would both get really upset to the point that it wouldn’t be pretty in any way, so let’s just say for now that I feel incredibly lucky to have worked with her and now I’m going to try to end this paragraph really quickly before I lose it.

Less than two weeks ago, we drafted the entire 2010 editorial calendar. There is so much stuff on there that makes me excited. Here’s to hoping it finds its place, even if it’s not where we first thought.



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