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Friday, December 11, 2009

Celeb Online Class: Be Real


Be Real 
self-paced class by Debbie Hodge

The focus of “Be Real” is making scrapbook pages from your everyday life and events photos that have meaning. Specifically, we’ll be making pages that:

1. Take your everyday life and event photos beyond the obvious—we know that apples can be sweet and crunchy, and if we see a photo of someone at the orchard biting into one, we make that connection without being told. What we don’t know is that the high-schooler in the photos had to be begged to come along on the outing. Let your photos show the obvious. Use your journaling to tell us what we don’t know. Use your design choices to create a mood that supports and expands upon the tone of your subject and stories.

2. Tell truths that matter. A huge part of scrapbooking has to do with managing memories—with adding to the narrative that is your life. We tell ourselves our stories, and then we tell other people our stories, often with changes. These stories can be entertaining, self-serving, inspired. They can change depending upon when in your life you tell them. But somewhere behind these stories is something called the truth. Scrapbook pages that matter are working to get at and record some pieces of that truth—with an understanding of where the diarist-archiver-storyteller behind the message (you!) is in life right now.

6 lessons in pdf form (filling 70 pages) include layout examples and detailed how-tos for adding meaning via journaling and design.

Topics covered: 1) Discovering Meaning 2) Revealing Character 3) Getting Perspective 4) Avoiding Sentimentality 5) Telling Stories 6) Expressing the Inexpressible
- - - - - - - - - - - -

To REGISTER for this class via, please CLICK HERE

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