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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Support SnC; Support CP Awareness Week

3rd to 9th September 2009
Cerebral Palsy Awareness Week
Dear Loyal and Lovely Supporters,
I am glad to announce that is supporting the world CP Awareness Week. Here's what's happening. From the 3rd to the 9th of September 2009, will:
  1. donate 20 cents for every ringgit of our normal sales to the Selangor Spastic Centre (SSC)
  2. donate 10 cents for every ringgit spent by our loyalty customers to SSC
  3. allow loyalty customers to convert their discounts into $ donations to SSC
  4. collect any addition $ donations made by our loyal supporters to SSC
So, this means that we have left the option open for you to directly or indirectly contribute to a good cause. If you would like to ACTIVELY support the SSC by either participating in 3. or 4., please leave me a message in your check out cart or email me with your order number indicating the following:
3. "please convert my loyalty customer discount into $ donations to the SSC"
4. "please accept my donations of MYR xxx to the SSC"
If you were to select option 4., will automatically add-on the amount of donation indicated in your invoice.
Thank you so much for your direct and/or indirect support!
Val (+ many 'ooohhhh...ahhhh' from my son, Bryant)
P/S: Stay tuned to find out what your contributions translates into in a few weeks time.

1 comment:

anna said...

This is great Val!
Kudos to you and the volunteers of SnC yet again.

I'm proud to be part of all this.

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