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Friday, June 26, 2009

Scrap.Abode Library coming soon...

Here's more reason to LOVE + even more reason to drop by our Scrap.Abode this July 2009 ...
we are launching our very own library!!!!!!!

how cool is that?
Anyways, stay tune to find out more as we reveal the good news in July 2009.


P/S: Volunteer librarian needed.


SnazzyJazzie of Scrap & The City said...

another superb idea!!

hannie said...

Me Me!! I'm a librarian. One that live almost 3 hours away by plane.. any way in doing the job?

julie said...

thanks Val!

noor said...

thanks Val!!! errr... can borrow by mail?

hannie, you are a librarian by day? wow!

Wishful Thinking said...

Great idea ... wonder how much it grows before I get back to KL? :-) heehee

anna said...

this is great!

SCRAP-n-CROP said...

lol...thanks everyone for the offers to be librarian! I think we have enough for shifts! Ooh Hannie, for sure we'll be looking out for tips from you! I wonder if I can recall the system they use to position the books! and yes, has already "grown"!!!

bambino said...

yahoo! Val, by distance can ah? :)
Can't waot to find out more. Thanks for sharing again.

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